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  • Archive for October, 2010

    Thunderbolts 149 is Out!

    It’s got ninjas. or Ninja, if you think it’s plural enough as is. Go see just how many of those guys Declan Shalvey drew!

    HULK 26– THORRRR!!!

    Out today!

    Red Hulk Trailer

    They showed this at the New York Comicon- it’s about The Avengers, but Red Hulk stomps in at the end… neat!

    Periscope Studio on the TV

    Oregon Public Broadcasting’s show Art Beat visited our studio recently and talked with several of our artists. It was a nice day so I was out farting around on a boat instead-you can see my empty desk behind Colleen Coover. Largely profiled are my pals Ron Randall and Erika Moen. Enjoy!