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  • Archive for June, 2010

    Preview ATLAS 3

    Unlettered, yet boss!

    THUNDERBOLTS 145 and NAMORA 1 out now

    Go get ‘em! I got lucky and got one of the Ramona Fradon covers. If you don’t know her, she’s an industry legend and designed the character Metamorpho. But what’s weird is that NAMORA and RAMONA are anagrams.

    Al Williamson- I Went Backstage

    I’ll go back and put in art this week, I have a headcold and it’s late. Plus, deadlines. Yet, I couldn’t do anything else until I got these thoughts down. –JP Al Williamson has left us after years of declining health. There are many people I need to take the time out and thank for [...]

    So I Went To HEROESCON

    Okay, I never do this anymore, but HeroesCon 2010 was the deal, so I need to write some of it down before I forget it all. Another triumph for retailer Shelton Drum! I began the way I would end, incoherent, because I wisely chose to take a midnight flight across country. So if I seemed [...]


    YES! This weekend I’m able to return to the fabled and legendary HEROES CON in Charlotte, North Carolina! If you are at all within driving distance, you should go, you will not regret it. I’m sitting in Artist Alley 409 on the corner, conveniently by almost every artist I’ve worked with in the past year! [...]