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  • Archive for May, 2010


    Thunderbolts 144 hits shelves today! Thanks to all of you who have been posting online and tweeting about our new direction and the gorgeous work of Kev Walker and Frank Martin, we really appreciate it. Hope you all enjoy the ride that starts here. JP


    And hotel-tenants everywhere are reading about it in their complimentary copy of USA TODAY. I also talk to to Chris Sims at COMICS ALLIANCE, though they did not go with his original headline “Parker Tells Saturn to Eat Uranus.” And here for fun, the original rough I did that Terry Dodson snickered at before drawing [...]

    UNDERGROUND is out today!

    One big fat solid book full of awesome GO GET IT!!!

    Hardman and Parker talk to Siuntres

    A new Word Balloon interview! And this time John talks to me and Gabriel Hardman about ATLAS, and Planet of the Apes. Had we recorded this just a few days later, we would have probably talked about the late great Frank Frazetta, most likely. I’m currently looking for a frame to put my CREEPY cover [...]

    UNDERGROUND Trade Out This Week

    And you can see how adaptable we’re making it for the various sets of readers over at COMICS ALLIANCE. Do judge a book by it’s cover.