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  • Taking ATLAS Questions… Now!

    Hey, we’ve got some space to do a letter column in ATLAS 1, so if you have questions about the team, past stories, almost anything- post them here in Comments. Try to avoid “what will happen” questions please, they’re just frustrating for everybody. And leave your real name for the response!


    Comment from Chris McAree
    Time: April 27, 2010, 9:03 am

    Dear Mister Ken Hale,

    How come the book isn’t named after you oh hirsute one? With all your gorilla-ey greatness don’t you think Agents of A.P.E. has a nice ring to it? At the very least you deserve to run the letters page! Gorilla-Grams would hold a certain appeal don’t you think?

    Your loyal and balding subject,
    Chris McAree

    Comment from Beast
    Time: April 27, 2010, 10:15 am

    Dear Agents Of Atlas,

    I was curious about something. Are the events of X-Men: First Class #8 where everyone’s favorite Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale) meets the O5 X-Men currently in canon? The meeting has been alluded to during the the Agents of Atlas/X-Men 2-Part Crossover. But recently Tom Brevoort stated that X-Men: First Class was not 616 canon, even though numerous times it was said to be. So did the meeting between Ken and the 05 still occur in canon? Is Ken Hale still the honorary “X-Ape”?

    Gorilla-Man’s #1 Fan,
    Michael “Beast” Cameron

    Comment from Beast
    Time: April 27, 2010, 10:23 am

    Dear Ken Hale,

    Congratulations on the 3-Part Mini-Series! It couldn’t happen to a more Awesome Ape. Also, please don’t change your name to Awesome Ape. When are we gonna get a team-up between you and the other Ape folks in the Marvel Universe. Just think of the potential! Dark Beast, The Gibbon, Ape-X, Speedball (From the Ape Universe), Gorilla Girl, Yourself. Maybe the Red Ghost’s Super Apes could make an appearance. And what the heck, toss in Hit-Monkey also. If everything is better with Apes, this all Ape team would be too cool to be contained in one issue. Also, when the heck are you going to get a girlfriend?

    Gorilla-Man’s #1 Fan,
    Michael “Beast” Cameron

    Comment from Beast
    Time: April 27, 2010, 10:25 am

    Hope those give you a couple options, Jeff. :)

    Figured I’d give you the option of serious or humerous.

    Though the All Ape Team-Up would be more awesome than allowed.

    Also, I really hate using my real name. But it’s for a good cause.

    Comment from Jamie Tarquini
    Time: April 27, 2010, 11:34 am

    I hope you like numbered questions (they’re my favorite) and that’s what you’re gettin’!

    1) Are we going to ever get more background on Mr. Lao and his history? He’s been alive for so long and there are so few dragons left I’d like to hear more about his past.

    2) “Terror of the Jade Claw” gave Atlas a great villian team! Will we see them again soon, or will you be creating new baddies for Atlas to track down?

    3) Last time I checked, the Atlas Group has been a secret organization, but now they are on some people’s radar. Will the team continue to operate under the radar or will they be known to the world?

    4) Any special guest stars that will be popping up soon? I don’t want my comics spoiled, of course, but in this day and age with Previews out 3 months before an issue we get images all the time. So, any other heroes jumping in to help the agents out?

    5 ) Space seems like a great place for the team to visit with Bob at the helm of their trusty ship. Any chance of some other-worldly interaction? I really want to see a conversation between M-11 and Groot!

    Thanks a lot, and keep up the killer work! – Jamie Tarquini

    (Oh – Notice anything about my questions? Look at all the fist letters!)

    Comment from yeahaw
    Time: April 27, 2010, 1:41 pm

    Will we get to see more of the background of the shield agent turned atlas agent ( I forgot his name!) ? I seem to recall that you intended to flesh this out a little bit. It seemd very promising – what with his role as family father and breadwinner. something serious to even up the hilariousness of the core agents… Is this a question?;-)
    Mirko “YeaHaw!” Macke

    Comment from Heath B. Cole
    Time: April 27, 2010, 3:46 pm

    Dear Agents,

    I absolutely love! love! love! this series! An amazingly diverse cast of characters you can genuinely root for, having action packed adventures around the world, with an incredible sense of fun?! What a breath of fresh air! That said what ever happened to the Agents’ good friend Jann of the Jungle? From what I can recall we haven’t seen her yet in the present timeline and wouldn’t it be cool if she had been preserved by the Spirits of the Jungle to become it’s protector and advocate to the outside world! Complete with new-fangled powers like control over animals, plant-life and monsoons?! Plus Gorilla-Man does need a girlfriend and we know she has the hots for him!

    Make Mine Atlas!,
    Heath B. Cole

    Comment from David Oakes
    Time: April 27, 2010, 6:00 pm

    Dear Gorilla-Man,

    There are a lot of people named “Gorilla Man” in the Marvel Universe. Are you all related?

    David Oakes
    Age 39
    Chandler, AZ

    Comment from Grace & Tessa MacIntosh
    Time: April 28, 2010, 3:23 pm

    Dear Atlas,
    Our dad is a HUGE fan of your team – he buys anything with you in it! Any plans to write a mini starring Venus? (she’s our favourite). Dad likes Gorilla-Man. He says, ‘Ken is the Ben Grimm for this generation of Marvelites.’ We’d agree if we knew what that meant. PLEASE continue putting out great ATLAS stories – we’re getting tired of the ones dad is making up at bedtime (he’s not as good as that Parker guy!)
    Fans forever,
    Grace and Tessa MacIntosh
    Ages 8 and 6
    Truro, NS Canada

    Comment from Brian
    Time: April 28, 2010, 5:27 pm

    I don’t have a question/comment/story to ask, I could have & I do have some but I think that having a letter’s column in Atlas is a great idea. Was kind of sad that they haven’t been in many comics over the years, it’s kind of nice that they are slowly returning. Also, I greatly look forward to the relaunch of the Agents’ new book (Now with added 3D Man) & reading Ken’s miniseries.


    Comment from Beast
    Time: April 29, 2010, 7:50 pm

    Dear Jeff Parker,

    Does the increased focus and love shown towards Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale) have anything to do with Ken having some obvious dirt on you. What exactly happened after you were seen dressed as a genie dancing with him at the Stumpton Comics Festival last year? Is it simply the fact that you love Ken Hale, or does he have some scandelous photos of the two of you? Much like the attached ones.


    Gorilla-Man’s #1 Fan,
    Michael “Beast” Cameron

    Comment from Beast
    Time: April 29, 2010, 7:51 pm

    I know that that last one probably won’t see print…

    But it had to be posted and linked to on here. Cause it’s hilarious. :D

    Comment from Parker
    Time: April 29, 2010, 7:57 pm

    I deny everything. Nor am I implicated in the death of an X-Man.

    Comment from patrick hulman
    Time: April 30, 2010, 12:32 pm

    Dear Jeff,
    are we going to see The Godzilla Squad showing up and if so what would jimmy’s reaction to them. also we’ll we ever see jimmy use his panramic glasses or any other spy devices?


    Comment from Parker
    Time: April 30, 2010, 1:05 pm

    We do not have the rights to refer to Godzilla, though I nearly did it in an oblique way back in the first series.

    Comment from mark coale
    Time: May 1, 2010, 9:48 pm

    Do members of ATLAS prefer Googlemaps or Mapquest?

    Comment from Drew
    Time: May 2, 2010, 9:38 pm

    I second the X-Men: First Class question. I think retroactively deciding a series is no longer in continuity is just plain dumb, so please say it ain’t so, Mr. Parker! (Or at least confirm that it’s true, if it’s true.) And I’ll try to come up with a clever letter requesting more Temugin and Khanata when I get the chance . . .

    Comment from Scott McBride
    Time: May 8, 2010, 6:38 pm

    Thanks for asking. I really enjoy the tales you weave. Here’s some questions I’ve been wanting to know.

    1) It was revealed many, many, many years ago in the backstory of a What If issue (yeah, I’ve been around awhile) that when the Eternals landed on Uranus, they discovered various items, including Kree Technology and the Quantum Bands. We now know that the Eternals sent to Uranus were sent there as part of a Penal Colony, but I presume the idea that they discovered the Quantum Bands there is still true. From the Quasar series a few years ago, it was revealed the Bands have been used by the Protector of the Universe for a bajillion years. :) You wrote that the Eternals made a weaker version of the bands for Bob, and placed the REAL Bands on the Eternal (Clone?) that went crazy. Sooo:
    A) Now that Wendell Vaughn has the Bands again, will he meet up with Bob?
    B) Did they ever manufacture OTHER “weaker versions” of the Bands for themselves? Could those weaker versions be around somewhere out there? Why didn’t they try to use the actual bands against their captors? I mean, they were very powerful … why not use them to escape? That confuses me.
    C) What is the origin of the Quantum Bands? If it is the jewels that power them …. where do they come from? If Bob has “weaker” versions of the jewels, where do THOSE come from? How powerful are Bob’s “weaker” verions?
    D) Is there any chance that one (or more) of the vile Eternals might have survived?
    E) If one of the vile Eternals survived, will Bob ever find out they killed his Dad? Revenge, anyone?
    F) Is there anyone on Earth, alien or otherwise, that Bob can now relate to given his change in physiology? Can he really fall in love with a jellyfish?
    G) Is that Blue Marvel creation from a few years ago still around? Will Bob meet him?
    H) Will we ever get to see HOW the vile Eternals were killed by the Uranians? Were there any redeeming folks in the Penal colony? So far you’ve made them out to be terrible, but was there no Eternal that was kinda OK? Was Bob REALLY duped by EVERYONE the whole time he was on Uranus (kinda like the Truman Show?).
    I) Marvel Boy really was the perfect 1950s superhero, as shown by the miniseries …. did he ever come up against Atlas plans or mechanisms? Did HE ever combat Skrulls? If SHIELD was up in running in the 50s (which I think it was) did Marvel Boy ever fight alongside them?

    2) In a Marvel Knights Spiderman storyline from a few years ago, it was revealed that in the 1950s, the U.S. government paid a lot of BAD guys to BE BAD guys, to essentially keep the GOOD guys busy! It was a GREAT and very interesting storyline …. essentially working off of the paranoia of the 1950s and the mistrust of heroes like the Falcon and other 1940s-50s heroes. Did any of the Atlas members every fight some of these villains on the government’s dole? Was ATLAS actually behind the U.S. government’s payment of these villains in the first place? Did any of the Atlas members ever fight by the Golden Age Falcon’s side, or any of the other heroes that are part of Marvel’s History (and are not part of the TWELVE, of course).

    3) Has Ken Hale ever had monkey love with a female Ape? Has there ever been a female Ape that (at least temporarily … Ala, Flowers for Algernon) that was made temporarily intelligent, got into a relationship with Ken, and then reverted back to Apehood. (Poor Ken).

    4) Namora WILL meet her resurrected-through-time-displacement daughter at some point, yes? How will the storyline of Namorita right itself? You aren’t going to make Namorita blue are you (shudder)? Can Namorita survive? Pretty please?

    5) 3-D Man seems like a very cool concept. Did the original ever meet Marvel Boy? Seems like a natural fit — both Sci Fi related 50s heroes. That would be a great tale to tell.

    6) A few years ago, it was revealed that Hurricaine was actually the Eternal Makhari, and that he teamed up with Dr. Druid, the Mole Man, and a few other adventure-related bounty hunter/heroes in the 1950s to fight Monsters and Aliens. Any chance that that crazy group of 1950s misfits might have encountered Jimmy’s crazy crew, or at the minimum, Atlas’ resident dragon?

    7) Any chance that the Black Panther of the 50s, T’Chala’s father, might have encountered some of the Atlas folks back in the day? Any chance that T’Chala might encounter them today?

    8) Please, please, please tell us a story about the crazy 1950s Captain America and Bucky (Nomad – may he rest in peace) and how they encountered Jimmy, Ken and others in Atlas. I remember a story from a few years ago in which Namor and the 50′s Cap had to go into some meeting, and how Namor really, really hated the 50′s Cap ranting on and on about Communists. (A Namor Annual I believe). Maybe there is a story about Namor meeting the Atlas folks that is untold?

    9) You’ve stayed away from Communist storylines from the 50s, but that is part of the fun! How about a story in which Soviet Superheroes teamed up with Jimmy Woo’s crew to fight Soviet badguys or U.S. and Soviet badguys. You know — a temporary truce story in which they let politics aside for the time being to fight the mutual villain.

    10) I agree with everyone here that says I want to know more about our resident Robot. Was the Professor’s engrams really put into the robot? Does the robot feel emotion — happines, sadness, etc. Can he go on-line and create a persona and meet females in a virtual world? Was he suffering in silence for years, or is there something we don’t know about his activities throughout the 50s into the 2000s?

    11) Fing Fang Foom? Is he related to Atlas’ resident Dragon? Give us more Dragon Tales! :)

    Good luck on the new series, Jeff. I’m very excited to see what you write next! All my best!

    Comment from Parker
    Time: May 8, 2010, 7:47 pm

    Scott, this should hold us for… ever. The first letter column is filled, let me see if we’re doing one for issue two. If not, I’ll answer them here.

    Comment from Scott McBride
    Time: May 9, 2010, 4:16 pm

    Thanks Jeff. I’d love to see answers to any of my questions in any issue! Between the Marvels Project, the upcoming new Invaders Mini, the SHIELD series, the eventual (whenever that is) end of THE TWELVE, and the comic I’m most excited about – ATLAS — I’m psyched that many untold details about the Marvel Universe History might finally be told. BTW — if you couldn’t tell — Marvel Boy was always one of my favorite characters … a great costume, a great attitude, great powers, and a really cool 50s-related origin …. I still very much HEART Quasar (the Captain America of Space in my opinion). Now that Bob is back, I admit that one of the things I MOST want to see in Atlas is a Quasar/Uranian encounter … preferably one in which both grow to respect and perhaps even learn from one another. Thanks!

    Comment from J Dave
    Time: May 12, 2010, 12:57 pm

    Jeff, how is Marvel going to trade your backup in Incredible Hercules? I noticed it was absent from “Assault on New Olympus” hardcover.

    Other than that keep up the good work!


    Comment from King Hulk Marco
    Time: May 15, 2010, 11:06 am

    Yo Jeff,

    How are things with you?

    Question I wanted to ask is will the Agents expand their roster? If so, who will be joining? Or to put it another way who would you like to see join the group in the future?

    Another thing I wanted to ask is will the Agents finally get their own primary villain(s) to deal with?

    The FF have Dr Doom, Cap as Red Skull etc.

    I have no problem with Norman Osborn being angled into that role. Marvel did the right thing to make him their answer to Lex Luthor. The guy was being wasted as being strictly a Spider-Man villain.

    PS Please can you pass my gratitute to both Jeph and Greg for the way they handled (finally!) the big reveal of the identities of both Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk. Though it wasn’t that big a surprise to those (like myself) who know their stuff but it has been fairly a fun adventure.

    Warmest regards (as always!)

    Marco (aka King Hulk Marco in the blogs)

    Comment from King Hulk Marco
    Time: May 15, 2010, 1:49 pm

    Hi again Jeff,

    A wild and crazy thought has just entered my mind, what with the recent cancellations of both Spider-Woman: Agent of Sword and Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural what would be the possibilty of adding them to the roster?

    Both Brother’s Drumm falling for Venus (or Namora) would create some interesting stories to say the least.

    Since Jessica Drew sees herself as someone less than human couldn’t our own Ken Hale help her over come her issues?


    Also now that Red Hulk’s identity as been revealed he is another possibly for the team or joining Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts has an enforcer keeping Juggernaut in line which would work as well.

    Wow! On either team he would be amazing!

    I thought I would put it out there to see what you guys think.

    Over to you.

    Warmest regards (as always!)

    Marco (aka King Hulk Marco in the blogs)

    Comment from Zeno
    Time: May 16, 2010, 11:30 am

    Hi,King Hulk. I am having asking about you on Ratchet’s site for awhile now. I see your on here these days. How have things been with you?

    Comment from King Hulk Marco
    Time: May 17, 2010, 12:36 pm

    Zeno!, zeno!, zeno! Great to hear from you my friend! I’m not too bad, surviving as best as I can. How about you?

    Comment from Zeno
    Time: May 17, 2010, 1:23 pm

    I am doing alright. I was wondering if you are coming back to Ratchet’s blog. ‘
    I also have a few questions for Jeff Parker.

    1. If you can tell me without giving the story away,is there a connection with cosmic energy and alchemy? This was hinted at in Fall of the Hulks Alpha. Might that play a part in future Hulk stories. Or with the plans of the Intelligensita?

    2. I am guessing Mark Grunewald was a major influence on your writing. Is this right?

    Comment from Parker
    Time: May 17, 2010, 1:39 pm

    1. I wouldn’t rule it out!
    2. Nope. Because I used the continuity, you mean? I’m actually not reverential of continuity, but I saw some opportunities to make more out of what had been established.
    Thanks Zeno

    Comment from King Hulk Marco
    Time: May 17, 2010, 2:16 pm

    See Zeno? I told you Jeff is a very cool guy! How many writer’s of Jeff’s caliber would take the time to chew the breeze like this? Hardly any! In answer to your question I have been thinking about coming back but I have been told by several friends that Ratchet has for the last couple of months been saying things of a less than complementary about me. Makes me very weary. Also I now blog here, Gary Miller’s site, Dailypop’s (actually he told me he doesn’t go to Ratchet’s as much as he used to). Dailypop is doing really well by the way. Lastly at ifanboy. See? I’m a busy chap! Someone told me that he expects an apology from me? Is that true? If it is, it will only be when pigs fly, I can tell you that.

    Comment from King Hulk Marco
    Time: May 17, 2010, 2:50 pm

    I am proud to say, you and I MADE that site with the help of Dailypop, Anthony and MrMordrid along with afew of the other core guys. Fact is, Ratchet is a glory hound. Whenever we came to the 100 entry mark, he would always come in and claim it for himself. Regarding the petition for Jeff, my idea by the way. I ask him to set up on his site he tells everybody he’s going to do it. Then does nothing. In the end I provide the link to Jeff’s site. He adds it to his site and does nothing with it. All Ratchet wants to do is complain and whine. Zeno, since day one I have believed that you have what it takes to be a writer at Marvel. Don’t let anybody stop you from living your dream! Believe in yourself! Jeff can you advise my buddy Zeno for me please?

    Comment from King Hulk Marco
    Time: May 17, 2010, 3:19 pm

    PS Zeno when you are as rich and famous (like Jeff Parker) and you have your own private key to the Playboy Mansion (like Jeff) remember me!

    Comment from Parker
    Time: May 17, 2010, 3:30 pm

    Guys, I would answer these points but the Bunnies need me to organize this pool party tonight. Carry on!

    Comment from Zeno
    Time: May 17, 2010, 6:38 pm

    King Hulk, I asked about you to Ratchet the other day. He did not mention anything to me about expecting a apology. Personally,it would be nice to continue our discussions if not there then maybe on another blog.

    Mr Parker, I agree with King Hulk that it is very nice of you to take the time answer the questions of fans on this site. The question we should be asking you is would you like to write one of the Hulk titles if you get the chance? If so you have King Hulk and my support. Also after the end of the She Hulks mini series this month will you be writing any new hulk related projects?

    Comment from King Hulk Marco
    Time: May 18, 2010, 10:45 am

    Zeno, I will tell you the samething I told Dailypop, I might go back to Ratchet’s site in a few months time or, I might not. I haven’t made my final decision yet. I have no problem talking to you here, or at dailypop’s site (since I owe him big time for giving me his unconditional support in the past), at ifanboy (you are going to love it there!) and lastly at gary miller’s site (I had to create a new email account just to log on). This one and dailypop’s site are the easiest for us to communicate to each other on. I am happy to stick with this one for now. Is that ok with you?

    Comment from King Hulk Marco
    Time: May 18, 2010, 10:56 am

    PS Gentlemen here is something that will put a smile on your collective faces. I recently discovered a website dedicated to The Incredible Hulk. The kicker? It is run by the ladies!!! Jeff, just because you are a close personal friend, I will check to see if there are any Playboy Bunnies involved. I might be gone sometime . . . . . .