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  • Archive for April, 2010

    Free Comic Book Day in Greensboro NC!

    Yes, I am briefly in my home state for the weekend and will be at ACME COMICS in Greensboro all day for Free Comic Book Day with the impressive line up of, in no particular order: Chris Samnee! Christos Gage! Jonathan Hickman! Chris Giarrusso! Evan Shaner! Kelly Yates! Jeremy Dale! Chris Fason! Michael Watkins! and [...]

    Taking ATLAS Questions… Now!

    Hey, we’ve got some space to do a letter column in ATLAS 1, so if you have questions about the team, past stories, almost anything- post them here in Comments. Try to avoid “what will happen” questions please, they’re just frustrating for everybody. And leave your real name for the response!


    Oh, why can’t we just change the title to that now? Over at CBR you can see some preliminary sketches and hear Kev Walker discuss his thinking on the new cast of THUNDERBOLTS.


    Three issues, this Summer! Go read me speaking with Vaneta at NEWSARAMA. But wait, there’s more! Here’s another piece with Dave Richards at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES.

    World War HULKS in Stores!

    This week I reteam with IG GUARA and for the first time with ZACH HOWARD to kick this event from FALL to WAR mode. And there’s some other notables in this book, like PAUL TOBIN and RAMON ROSANAS who you’ll need to see. It’s a good one, leave work early to get by your shop. [...]

    Tonight on Ghost Whisperer…

    … a lot of covers from UNDERGROUND and plenty of Gabriel Hardman art! Have fun spotting the differences between making comics and how TV depicts it. You can catch some of the footage through the link at Newsarama. Tune in tonight…


    Comic Book Resources has some bits from WORLD WAR HULKS like this story that superartist Zach Howard and I did, which I personally title A-BOMB GETS PANTS. Also some great stuff by Paul Tobin, Ramon Rosanas, Scott Reed, Harrison Wilcox- go check it out!