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  • Archive for March, 2010

    Hear Mysterius, Canada

    Or really, everyone- Tom Fowler is heading over to the CBC studios to talk to the All In A Day show about Mysterius The Unfathomable, and I’ll be horning in via the tele-phone. You’ll be able to listen online here. And why wait to hear Fowler dulcet tones? He just talked to Christopher Neseman over [...]


    Anyone heading to Seattle for the EMERALD CITY COMICON? Because it’s pretty great. I’ll be there sitting at F-04 most of the time except for these signings and panels: SATURDAY 12:00 MONDO MARVEL PANEL Room 4C3-4 2:30- 4:00 HERO INITIATIVE BOOTH SUNDAY 1:00 BREAKING INTO COMICS THE MARVEL WAY Panel Room A (4C1-2) I’ll be [...]

    No Reason…

    UNDERGROUND 5 Out Today!

    Sorry the last one took us a little longer, but as you’ll see, the book itself is longer too. I hope you all enjoy the conclusion of Underground, and I suspect there will be some argument over exactly how it ends. Steve and I are putting together the extras for the trade now, so I [...]