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  • Archive for January, 2010

    RED HULK 1 Out Today-PREVIEW

    Over at Comic Book Resources you can preview RED HULK #1 which is in comics shops today! Go see the grumpy Hulk and the A-Bomb forced to work together, and learn the secret of COSMIC HULK.


    You can see a preview here at Comics Bulletin as the Agents of Atlas get back into it with The Avengers, and then the ORIGINAL Avengers. And today also has the conclusion to the THUNDERBOLTS hit on them, where I just bet you, SOMEONE DIES. Also out today: SPIDER-MAN 1602! I know there’s a preview [...]

    UNDERGROUND Schedule Update

    Heads up! Steve Lieber and I are nearly finished with UNDERGROUND #5, the conclusion of our cave thriller, but it won’t be in stores next week. We’ll be a few weeks late, but you won’t have to wait that long. As soon as we get the final files to Image we’ll be able to let [...]

    Preview AVENGERS vs. ATLAS

    Over at NEWSARAMA you can preview the upcoming AVENGERS vs. ATLAS with the team of me, Gabriel Hardman and Elizabeth Breitweiser as we put the band back together to meet the original line up of The Avengers. And right after that preview, see the THUNDERBOLTS beat on the team too! I don’t know if that [...]

    Preview THE URANIAN

    And enjoy a good review as you do, courtesy Matthew Brady and Comics Bulletin.


    Report to your officially sanctioned adventure-dispensing facility. I hope you’ll pick up the first of the three issue miniseries THE URANIAN, which has art by the excellent Felix Ruiz. See the early years of Bob Grayson as he discovers his home planet and tries to get the hang of this hero thing.