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  • Archive for November, 2009

    Thank You

    I’m thankful for all of you who come here and keep up with my fiction and ramblings, even if you don’t post in the comments (which you’re welcome to do). Happy Thanksgiving if you participate in it, and just a hearty Happy Thursday if you don’t. Still… thank you!

    The Comics Capital

    Is of course where I live, and that’s Portland. Here’s a neat article in Oregon Business that goes into the subject a little more and mentions Periscope Studio, the place I’m about to peddle to in a few minutes.

    Atlas Clix

    Drew Robbins captured on film some of the elusive Agents of Atlas Heroclix figures- why are these so hard for me to find pics of? Have my web search skills gone bad? Anyway, I’ve now got to go find some, excuse me… UPDATE: Wndola comes through with the line up!

    Three from Me

    UNDERGROUND #3 from Image! SPIDER-MAN 1602 #2 from Marvel (pirates)! THUNDERBOLTS #138 (wheee! Tee-hee! Giggle! Laff along with the FUNderbolts!) Get all three! I realize this means you may have to drop some other book that’s shambling along on a zombie pull list because you don’t even like it anymore but still feel it should [...]

    Portland Comics Show Today

    If you’re in the upper left corner of Oregon, today is the Portland Comic Con at Memorial Coliseum from 10 to 5. Here’s the list of who will be there, with of course, me. I’m bringing a fat stack of trades too, so come lighten my load. Also there will be a Periscope Studio panel [...]


    Aarrr, it’s the next big event, mateys. Startin’ next week with Spider-Man 1602 #2. Yar.

    BLIGHTER at Dark Horse Presents!

    Comics readers of the world, I would like to introduce you to a butt-kicking artist named Ben Dewey. Go to MySpace Dark Horse Presents for this month’s issue featuring our story, BLIGHTER (click the link at top right). And you know I wouldn’t send you to MySpace without good reason. Enjoy the free comic!


    Today in shops: The conclusion of X-MEN VS. AGENTS OF ATLAS 2! And that leads right into another book on shelves today, ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS (Incredible Hercules) where the Agents take what the goddess Aphrodite has to dish out. And the collection of my short n sweet run on EXILES is out today, if [...]