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  • Preview Spider-Man 1602- Out Wednesday!

    goodbye, sideage.

    Over at Newsarama, you can see the first few pages as we return to Peter in the Gaiman-built world. I see that some new shrubs have sprouted up since the last time I showed a bit from this, which I kind of expected. I wasn’t sure how we were getting away with that to begin with.

    In addition to near nudity, there are pirate corpses, so you should pick this up Wednesday. You’ll soon love Ramon Rosanas’ art as much as I do. And it’s a series you can go into knowing I won’t be making a character talk all gangsta for a change.


    Comment from Nick
    Time: October 9, 2009, 10:39 pm

    I’ve mostly enjoyed the 1602 stuff Marvel has put out over the last few years, and the Peter Parquagh parts of the world have always tended to by my favorite bits. (Lifelong Spidey fan. Not a huge surprise, no.) So while it’s not any shock that a 1602 story about Peter eventually fighting pirates is right down my alley, I do have to say, this was even better than I expected it to be.

    The twist in the issue was a real punch in the gut and the whole first issue was just wonderful. And Ramon Rosanas was perfect. I’d really love to see him take a stab at the mainstream Spider-Man based on what I saw here.

    Thanks for the great reading experience!