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  • Archive for October, 2009

    Swamp Thug

    I’m sorry, I just can’t get enough of this picture of Alan Moore and the hip-hop kids. I cut the other old guy out at left so it just looks like Moore is a Rubinesque music producer. At least give me points for the play on Rubenesque.

    Wolverine and the Hero Initiative

    Oh hey look, I still have a website! Promise I’ll be putting more into this soon, after some deadlines are beaten senseless. In the meantime, I want to link to the Hero Initiative‘s first round of eBay auctions featuring the WOLVERINE: WEAPON X blank covers that many comics artists (and me) have contributed to. I [...]

    Ordering for January: Pounds of Atlas

    I think the reason I haven’t been posting lately is because I have SIX BOOKS coming out from Marvel in January that need to get done NOW! Agents of Atlas readers, notice that there are FOUR separate titles with the team (well, one is Bob only) in them too. Order accordingly. THUNDERBOLTS #140 Written by [...]

    Newsarama’s First Look: X-MEN vs. AGENTS OF ATLAS 2

    Which looks awesome, is what.

    Baltimore This Weekend

    If you’re in the area, Steve Lieber and I are heading to the Baltimore Comic-Con tomorrow. I’m not sure where I’ll be sitting most of the time, but for panels I’ll be at the Image one at 1:00 and Mondo Marvel at 4:00 on Saturday. We’ll have plenty of UNDERGROUND #1 at the table (whereever [...]


    Go to Newsarama and get a peek at this sweet baby that comes out TODAY. The main feature has the always stellar art of Carlo Pagulayan, and for our back up we welcome artists’ artist Chris Samnee! It is a comics art lover must-have. Plus: Cyclops and Emma in a dune buggy! UPDATE: I forgot [...]

    Preview Spider-Man 1602- Out Wednesday!

    Over at Newsarama, you can see the first few pages as we return to Peter in the Gaiman-built world. I see that some new shrubs have sprouted up since the last time I showed a bit from this, which I kind of expected. I wasn’t sure how we were getting away with that to begin [...]