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  • Archive for September, 2009


    My pal and studiomate Paul Guinan is debuting his massive coffee table book BOILERPLATE: HISTORY’S MECHANICAL MARVEL this week! I even did a little fake movie poster in there- Detailing the true history of the steam powered robot. If you’re in the Portland area, there’s two events to attend the rest of the week… October [...]

    Order UNDERGROUND 4 and Meet Us in UTAH

    Lieber and I are getting up early tomorrow to catch the plane to Salt Lake City. So if you’re in the area, head over to Dr. Volt’s, we’ll be there most of the day, signing, sketching, juggling, you name it. And the solicits are out now for UNDERGROUND #4 in December! UNDERGROUND #4 (of 5) [...]

    X-MEN vs. ATLAS at Newsarama!

    The preview of the big throwdown is up over at Newsarama! Do me a solid and click ‘recommend’ a few times if you go. Carlo Pagulayan is the incredible…


    This is it, showtime! UNDERGROUND #1 is in comics shops today from Image Comics. Tonight, Steve (see in Ape Cave, above) and I will be signing at Bridge City Comics in Portland, Oregon. It all begins NOW. Word is erupting from all over today- here’s a good review of issue 1 from Doug Zawisza at [...]

    Tomorrow Underground, Saturday Utah!

    “My main gripe is that a lot of new creators seem to focus on being able to beat the worst of what they see in print: “Well I can do better than this artist/writer.” Don’t shoot for the bottom, come out gunning for the top. You want to be so good that your work can [...]

    Dispatch War Rocket Ajax- To Bring Back My Podcast

    I talked to Chris Sims and to some extent, The Euge, who gave me his cold over Skype. And it resulted in an episode of WAR ROCKET AJAX. Since it was Friday, at the end I completely go comatose and cannot even answer yes/no questions. Cool Modok me by Rusty “I have at least three [...]

    UNDERGROUND Release Party in Portland

    Next Wednesday the 23rd, Steve Lieber, Ron Chan and I are going to be at BRIDGE CITY COMICS from 6pm to 8pm for the arrival of UNDERGROUND #1 from Image Comics. If you’re in Portland, Oregon, I think you should come by and bless the book- possibly even purchase it. We’ll be taking our little [...]

    ATLAS 11 Out TODAY!

    Hope you all pick up and enjoy the resolution to TERROR OF THE JADE CLAW today! And get geared up for X-MEN VS. AGENTS OF ATLAS. So Pretty!

    Preview AGENTS OF ATLAS 11

    Yep, we conclude TERROR OF THE JADE CLAW with Jimmy and Jade happy on a beach- the end. Okay, maybe more happens. Go read the intro over at Comic Book Resources! In stores next Wednesday.

    ATLAS vs. X-MEN!

    Kevin Mahedo and I talk about the two part X-MEN vs. AGENTS OF ATLAS special over at Marvel.com today. Not only does this project have Carlo Pagulayan turning in some of the most incredible art of his career, we also have The Mighty’s Chris Samnee drawing the 50′s agents versus the Original X-Men. It’s so [...]