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  • Archive for August, 2009

    Make Mine Marvney

    So it’s pretty clear that all anyone I know will be talking about this week is Disney totally Owning Marvel now. But first I want to remind you that I’m writing World War Hulks Alpha, and I’ve been talking about it in the comics press. Like here at Comic Book Resources. With Dave! And here [...]

    Preview Agents of Atlas 10!

    Over at NEWSARAMA right now. Click “recommend” a lot too. I hope someone at Newsarama combines that last double page spread together, it doesn’t work as two pages. Anyway, feast on the majesty of Gabriel Hardman art, go!

    I’m Back from Florida, We Have a Winner

    First I want to thank my gracious host while I was in Orlando, Casey Jones and his superfamily. I got plenty of sleep, entertainment and Chik-Fil-A (except on Sunday) during my Florida trip this weekend. Carolla podcasts got listened to, and Flight of the Conchords songs were played. It was good times all around. And [...]

    WIN more Exiles Trades Than You’ve Ever Seen

    So it seems I now have a lot of reference for a series that I’m no longer writing. Would you like enough trade collections of EXILES to stop a bullet? (except for armor-piercing rounds) And would you like them for FREE…? I’m about to take off to appear at Mini MegaCon in Orlando, Florida and [...]

    I’ll be at MiniMegaCon in Orlando This Weekend

    I’m appearing courtesy THE HERO INITIATIVE, helping raise funds to aid older cartoonists in need, and I’ll be sitting at their table most of Saturday and Sunday. It’s the smaller version of MegaCon, so it should be easier to get around and speak to everyone. I’ll be bringing the just-released AGENTS OF ATLAS hardbacks with [...]

    It’s Been Two Years

    It’s hard to believe Mike Wieringo has been gone so long. Still rarely a week goes by that I don’t hear of something funny or remember a goofy quote and feel the impulse to call Mike or fill up his inbox with my babble. Think I’ll look through some of his old books today and [...]

    I Have My Greedy Paws on THUNDERBOLTS

    News just out of Chicago, I’m now the writer on Thunderbolts! I talk to Steve Ekstrom at Newsarama a bit more in depth about it. Apologies for caginess to follow…

    Spider-Man 1602!

    Over at Newsarama I’m speaking with Vaneta about Spider-Man 1602: The Web Complete and there are some beautiful Ramon Rosanas pages to see. I see people wondering why we’re doing this so long after the initial series and follow-ups. You may remember in early 2008 when artist and colorist Stephane Peru died way way too [...]

    Agents of Atlas 9: Tomorrow

    Hey, I never linked to the preview of AGENTS OF ATLAS 9 coming out this week, welcoming artist Dan Panosian on board for a bit. Check it out.

    Be at Barnes & Noble on the 11th!

    That’s the Clackamas Barnes and Noble in Oregon- for Marvel’s 70th Anniversary! Brian Bendis, Rick Remender and I will be doing a 30 minute Q&A at 7:00 pm, and then signing books until 9. And Spider-Man will be there, protecting us and amusing children. It will be a good time, here’s the address for Northwesterners… [...]