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  • Archive for July, 2009

    Hood 3 Came Out

    That snuck up on me- Dark Reign: The Hood #3 came out this week. Anyone get it?

    UNDERGROUND #2, Ready to Order

    UNDERGROUND #2 (of 5) story JEFF PARKER art & cover STEVE LIEBER OCTOBER 21 32 PAGES / FC $3.50 Wes finds Seth inside Stillwater Cave when Harden and his men return, and the rangers find themselves outnumbered- with nowhere to go but deeper in. There’s still time to deal with this reasonably, if someone doesn’t [...]

    Barnes and Noble, August 11th, Get There

    If you want to see me, Brian Bendis, Rick Remender, and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN! Here’s the details… And maybe you’re near one of these… NYC SPECIAL GUESTS IRON MAN AND SPIDER-MAN 150 E 86TH Street New York, NY Joe Quesada Chris Claremont Greg Pak Klaus Janson Fred Van Lente ATLANTA SPECIAL GUEST WOLVERINE 2900 Peachtree Road [...]

    Get UNDERGROUND at SDCC (from Lieber)

    If you haven’t heard about the Image series UNDERGROUND from Steve Lieber and myself, it’s an adventure thriller coming in September. You can read a color preview here, and the whole first issue in black and white here. But- if you’re at the San Diego Comicon this weekend, go find Steve at Artists Alley FF [...]

    Agents of Atlas Lives! EXILES However…

    I just want to get out a quick thank you to the Agents of Atlas readers who have been checking in, concerned that X-MEN vs. ATLAS as solicited now means dire things for the book. It doesn’t- instead it’s Marvel taking some opportunities to try to build the readership. We’ve got incredible critical acclaim, and [...]


    Tranquility Base established.

    Walter Cronkite: The Real Deal

    Few people will ever cast as long a shadow as Walter Cronkite, and probably no one in TV news ever will again. Here’s a fairly thorough walk through his life at the New York Times. I was just thinking about him the other day, naturally, since we were observing the 40th anniversary of the moon [...]


    40 years ago today, three men sitting on top of a controlled bomb flipped off the rest of us on Earth and said “So long suckers. We’re going to THE MOON!” While we’re feeling all smug about our internet and connectivity, we should also remember that it’s been 40 years since the greatest 20th Century [...]

    HULK vs. ATLAS in shops TODAY

    So go get it, you know you want some green Hulk. In other news… I’ve heard from a few people who aren’t crazy about these Atlas double shipping months, feeling Marvel is being greedy. It actually is more about how books are approved for a year, and at the time Atlas was given a number [...]

    ATLAS 8 Preview: Hulk and Hot Tubs

    Where we pose the question: Would you rather have the life of Bruce Banner… … or the Agents of Atlas? Go to CBR and read the preview for NEXT WEEK’S issue!

    The Terror of the JADE CLAW

    Over at Marvel.com I talk a bit more about how Jimmy Woo runs into a world of hurt by doing the Marvel equivalent of looking up an old girlfriend on Facebook. Enter the JADE CLAW! DEATH TO THE ATLAS EMPIRE!!!

    Ain’t It Cool Interview with Preview of ATLAS vs. HULK

    This may be hard to believe, but in Agents of Atlas 8, The Hulk runs into the Agents and THIS TIME, he decides to SMASH. Here’s the piece over at Ain’t It Cool News. Ambush Bug asked me some good questions, too. There are also freaky freaks out in the desert, like Hulk wasn’t enough.

    AROUND COMICS hands Jeff Parker the mic.

    The lads at the AROUND COMICS podcast had me on because word is I can kill some time, so listen to this weeks show, Ep. 241 – Agents of the Unfathomable. Podking John Siuntres is also on this one, ready to correct anyone who drops a wrong fact. It’s a very good time, download it [...]

    Happy 4th of July!

    When the Colonial Revolutionaries organized their ramshackle armies to fight for independence from England, every Minuteman and patriot held to the hope that one day this country would be filled with backyards full of fat louts grilling meat, drinking non-stop and setting off illegal fireworks late into the night. My fellow Americans, we are living [...]

    Read ATLAS 1 Free Online, Pay $ For Exiles 4

    But you must avoid the mighty chorus line of Death to do so. Here is where to go to read all of AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 without paying jack. Come on aboard.