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  • Archive for June, 2009

    Pat Sun’s Proof that HeroesCon 09 Happened

    I wasn’t there, but Pat Sun was at Heroes, and if you were there, odds are good you’re in his Flickr photo sets. You can see the pieces that were being done for the famous Heroes auction, lots of costumes (like Scarlet Witch, who was well-documented in almost everyone’s photos) and some good shots of [...]

    My Local Comics Shop- The Video

    Adam Healy made a facebook video of the place he spends so much of his life, COSMIC MONKEY COMICS on Sandy Boulevard, mere blocks away from my house. I keep talking about how impressive this store is (and how very Portlandy) but this video shows it better than I can describe. At the end is [...]

    Preview Agents of Atlas 7, the Atlantean Wedding!

    In preparation for our watery wedding next week, CBR has a big preview of Agents of Atlas #7. Because that is how they roll beneath the ocean, don’t you judge. Art is by Glorious Gabriel Hardman!

    Read 3 Agents of Atlas Stories For Free!

    AGENTS OF ATLAS #0 is up at Marvel.com for you to read, gratis. Spread this around to people you think will like our book but haven’t stuck their toe in the water yet. Or on a forum where you hang out. To go with that, here’s Craig Rousseau drawing Namora this past weekend in Charlotte, [...]

    UNDERGROUND Reviews Roll In

    So we’ve set up a page for reviews on the Underground official site, and so far advance readers are responding as we hoped. How do we have reviews already when the book doesn’t come out until September? Because we’re GIVING IT AWAY in pdf form! It’s black and white that way, but Lieber’s art always [...]

    HEROES Convention This Weekend! For YOU.

    One of the all time great comics shows, Heroes is happening in Charlotte, NC this weekend, and I won’t be there. Which eats me, I hate missing that show but I’ve got deadlines to make and it’s not as easy to get to now that I live in the Northwest. I plan to return next [...]

    The Final MYSTERIUS

    Mysterius 6 is in stores today, the last we’ll see of Delfi and The Man for a while. It became obvious that most people who knew of this book planned to tradewait it early on, so it’s real life is going to happen in February (I know, I know) when the trade comes out. The [...]

    WHITEOUT Trailer is up!

    Right on Lieber and Rucka, the movie ball is rolling forward full steam… WHITEOUT MOVIE TRAILER at Slashfilm. Okay, that got taken down. Here’s one at Youtube! It’s quite a day to be Steve Lieber. And no, we did not know this trailer was coming out today when we were planning to launch the UNDERGROUND [...]

    UNDERGROUND at Newsarama- Spread It

    Zack Smith talks to me and Steve Lieber about our new book UNDERGROUND coming out from Image in September. Which means one must order now! And which also means I better go over to the Underground website and make a real post. I don’t know why Zack grabbed black and white pages when I provided [...]

    Dave Johnson Covers Atlas!

    AGENTS OF ATLAS #10 & 11 Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by DAN PANOSIAN & PAUL RIVOCHE Covers by DAVE JOHNSON There’s no enemy quite like a former lover, is there? The gloves are all the way off as Jade Claw and her forces begin assaulting Atlas on every front! The Agents throw everything they’ve [...]

    Now That’s a Model Rocket

    For other rocket nerds out there, I found this article over at RocketryPlanet.com. The builder is Steve Eves who does autobody work and undertook the task of making a 36 ft. scale model of the Saturn 5 rocket. You can then get closure by watching one of the youtube videos of the launch, which goes [...]

    Parker and Lieber go UNDERGROUND at Image!

    UNDERGROUND #1 (of 4) story JEFF PARKER art & cover STEVE LIEBER SEPTEMBER 23 32 PAGES / FC $3.50 As WHITEOUT readies to hit theaters worldwide, artist STEVE LIEBER returns to the adventure genre with a new thriller, pairing with acclaimed writer JEFF PARKER (AGENTS OF ATLAS, EXILES)! Park Ranger and avid caver Wesley Fischer [...]

    A Very Jeff Parker Podcast at WORD BALLOON

    That’s right, host John Siuntres didn’t call his podcast show Speech Balloon or Speech Bubble, because that’s not what those are called. It’s Word Balloon, and this latest segment John and I talk about everything under the sun. And he must have had to edit an hour out, because I rambled off topic like crazy. [...]

    Demand the Atlas Decade Variant.

    And yes, there are 70′s decade variants from Marvel, not just 80′s and 90′s. You know this is what Marvel has been building to for almost 50 years, ask for it.


    I can’t keep straight what it’s called, but it’s going to be fly… Giant-Size Special #1. This is misleading as I only write the bookend bits, but you’re going to love Scott Gray’s (his name- he was born to write them) handle on the mutants, and Craig Rousseau’s art. Also, I illustrate a Roger Langridge [...]