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  • Archive for May, 2009

    Preview: ATLAS meet THE SUBMARINER

    Over at CBR, another fat, juicy preview of Agents of Atlas 6 where some taboos get broken, Atlantis style. I wish I could take credit for the Pirate recap page.

    THE HOOD Awaits You… Today

    Come out to the shop and see me and original creator Kyle Hotz get behind the cloak of Parker Robbins. And yes, I still think editor Bill Rosemann thought of asking me to write just because of the character’s name.

    Wolverine, you A-hole…

    So Colleen and Lieber have already done their Hero Initiative charity covers, and I have not. This time it’s Wolverine: Weapon X blank covers to be drawn on and auctioned, and since I don’t draw regularly, I needed to spend some time doing warm-up roughs to click into gear. Unless I change my mind, my [...]

    Hoodie, ‘Gents and ‘Xiles at Marble.com

    Talking with Kevin Mahadeo over at Marvel.com today, mostly about THE HOOD series, but other books as well. (laughs)

    Ottaviani Cannons Space Race

    Another winning Comics Reporter Sunday Interview, this time with Jim Ottaviani talking about his book with Kevin and Zander Cannon, T-Minus: The Race To The Moon. For some reason I was inspired to write one of those bafflingly cheeky Hollywood Reporter/Variety style headlines. I apologize.

    Here Comes THE HOOD

    Another FAT preview courtesy Comic Book Resources. Where Agents of Atlas 5 just made the Buy Pile, too.

    Double 5′s Today, MYSTERIUS and ATLAS

    Get ‘em both, 5 is lucky (somewhere)!


    Newsarama has seven pages of next week’s throwdown! If you have a second while you’re there, comment or at least click “Recommend” so the preview will keep popping up on the front page, please. Seven more days…

    Spurgeon, Cooke, Brubaker- Read This and Order THE HUNTER

    One of the best Comics’ Reporter discussions yet, focusing on Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of the first Westlake Parker book. We need more books like this, I’m ordering extra to give to people who aren’t comics readers. A fun talk about the prowess of Donald Westlake and how Darwyn approached the book, and Bru talks about [...]

    The Food Carts of Portland

    From the New York Times, no less- if you’ve noticed me babbling about getting lunch from the food carts across the street from Periscope Studio, you can see what I’m talking about in the first couple of minutes of this Frugal Traveler. And at the first cart they focus on with hamburgers, Brunch Box, you [...]

    Talking EXILES at Comic Related

    Eric Ratcliffe and I go back and forth about Exiles over at ComicRelated.com. He tries to get me to reveal secret stuff, but I ain’t spoilin’. Check it out if you picked up issue 2 this week or are thinking about it. I’m glad people seem to be liking Panther!

    Hate, Hate, Hates: eBay Vultures and Cell Phone Drivers.

    Colleen Coover was just showing me the thing most artists dread to see- someone eBaying a quick sketch she did at the New York Comicon for free (he’s got a bunch! Under “Wolverine Original Art Sketch”) Yeah sure, it’s yours to do with what you want, but when you clearly got a lot of them [...]

    Agents of Atlas 4! Exiles 2! Jury Duty 2!

    Now I have to peddle downtown and waste a day hanging around the court building again to tell them I can’t sit in a jury box for whatever drug dealing case they have this time. But you, you can go to a comics shop and get some fine new comics! Oh those Agents and Exiles, [...]

    Submariner Shakedown with Agents of Atlas!

    Here I am talking with Tim Stevens at Marvel.com about the upcoming two-part Agents of Atlas where the team go mix it up in Namor’s sphere of influence. Some stuff goes down that you may not be comfortable with! Or, maybe you will…

    Also a Fat Preview of Next Week’s EXILES 2

    At Marvel.com, you can read the first six pages of Exiles 2, along with an excellent recap page penned by Assistant Editor Jordan “Delight” White. Come get deeper into our reality of Mutant Harmony and see if the Exiles can’t screw it up…