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  • Archive for April, 2009

    A Fat Preview of Agents of Atlas 4!

    Watch those two storylines COLLIDE next week as we delve into Captain Buckmerica with the Agents! Here’s a few pages over at Comic Book Resources.

    I’m At Cosmic Monkey this Free Comic Book Day.

    But I’m not the only one! Cosmic Monkey is at 5335 Sandy Blvd. in Portland, and signings and chattings and maybe even twitterings will be happening from noon to 3. Here’s more info on who will be appearing, from their site… From noon until 3 PM, there will also be a signing for special guests [...]

    A Jeff Parker X-Position at CBR

    These are kind of fun, these X-Postitions. It’s like being on a panel except I have more time to think up an answer and I don’t have to sit around pouring water while other people talk about what’s going on in their books. Here’s George Tramountanas, several X-Forumites from Comic Book Resources, and me talking [...]

    ATLAS vs. AVENGERS- Preview the Beatdown!

    At Marvel.com today is a nice preview of Agents of Atlas 5, where the big throwdown with the New Avengers happens. Spider-Man webs our Venus! Ms. Marvel hits our Namora! Luke Cage calls the robot Holmes! All hell breaks loose, order two copies, one to ruin, one to read! And it’s not that far away [...]

    My Earth Day Comics Initiative

    Besides the obvious Stop Killing Trees to Print Comics, of course (we’re only a few years away from that). No, I think other creators and I could make an effort to simply set more stories in natural environments, which most artists prefer to draw. While readers are idealizing larger than life characters, they can be [...]

    Because There Aren’t Enough Pics of Me in Turbans…

    Onion Head Monster’s Paul Friedrich designs the next mass market hit character on stage. Image stolen from grayaenigma’s photostream, will take it down if he wants. Despite my Twitter updates this weekend, I really wasn’t around the Stumptown Comics Fest except for about two hours, so I’m not going to try to do a report. [...]

    COMICS ART BATTLE- Saturday Night

    If you’re in Portland, Oregon this weekend to attend the Stumptown Comics Fest, you’ll want to head over to the shop and GET IT ON. Once again I’ll be hosting the battle of wills begun by Ezra Claytan Daniels, the Comics Art Battle. It takes place at the Stumptown party at Cosmic Monkey Comics on [...]

    Writer Vs. Artist with CARLO PAGULAYAN

    This is the most Carlo has ever spoken in an interview as far as I know, and he has some good stuff to say about art greats of the Phillippines, and of course his working processes. Plus, you get to see some of the art from the Throwdown issue with the Agents of Atlas ramming [...]

    Preview Mysterius 4

    Over at CBR you can follow our heroes into the trippiest issue yet.

    MYSTERIUS #4 in Stores Today!

    Here’s the issue where people will really become aware of what Tom Fowler can do, and the Mounties may come and lock him up afterwards. Pick it up and see, I hype you not. You can also read me talking a bit about it over at the newly relaunched Living Between Wednesdays, which is no [...]

    ATLAS 4 and 5 Doubleship! Order ‘em

    Hey retailers and pushy comics shop regulars, this Thursday is Final Order Cutoff for Agents of Atlas 4, where the past and present story lines crash into each other in a major way. So you might want to make sure that plenty of copies are ordered- and you might as well go ahead and get [...]

    ATLAS is Climbing, Girl is Spinning

    I just want to take a moment and thank a lot of you for pushing friends and customers onto the AGENTS OF ATLAS series. While many have worried that the first issue didn’t open as high as they hoped for a Dark Reign tie-in, I think it did what you’d expect for characters who never [...]

    EXILES 1 is in stores, like NOW.

    If you didn’t see the preview for Exiles 1, here it is over at CBR. You can enjoy a few pages and scratch your head at the Wolverine Art Appreciation Variant. Then you can go get it, read it, and let me know if L-10 should come back somehow, maybe with the help of Forge. [...]

    EXILES 1 Tomorrow- I Fumble Through Another Marvel Hotline

    If you really just have to hear me sound like someone just fired a tranquilizer dart in my neck, you can look at the Exiles 1 trailer with me rambling incoherently. Marvel’s Jeff Suter tried valiantly to edit me so I made sense, but I thwarted him at every turn. Anyway, hope you pick up [...]

    Should I Change This Sweet Format?

    Steven Gettis, who gets sucked into the heavy lifting whenever I do anything with Parkerspace, will say “NO!” but I wanted to pose this question. Since some of you may check my site on a mobile device, which will slowly load all the comics covers at left first, would it help if I went to [...]