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  • Comixology Podcast with Tom and Jeff

    I meant to link this the other day, it’s Tom Fowler and I talking to Tucker Stone from the New York Comicon. I can’t believe you can actually understand what we’re saying, it was so loud around us in that building, but it’s pretty clear. I like this interview because Tucker asked us a lot of process questions, which always interests me a lot. Extra fun because Tom and I are punchy and saying anything that occurs to us. And my dying voice is funny.



    Comment from tom fowler
    Time: March 6, 2009, 6:32 am

    tsk tsk, parker.

    i posted this about a week ago (thanks tucker) over at my site. in addition to punchy we were also feeling a mite honest. it can be the kiss of death for some, but i think we wear it well.

    btw… just read the second issue of your other book. it was awesome. i espeacialy loved the homage to “it’s a wonderful life” in the first two panels.

    mysterius is better, though.