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  • Archive for March, 2009

    Busy Week: Podcasts, Previews and Peggle.

    First, I talk THE HOOD with Jeff Suter on the Mighty Marvel Podcast. Next, you might want to get ready for AGENTS OF ATLAS 3 this week by reading the online preview. You can see Jimmy Woo being a stone cold playah, and see the cute dolphins in Namora’s Aquatic Recap. I’ll probably posting curtly [...]

    Best Order MYSTERIUS 6…

    Because you know it will take forever for it to be collected in trade! MYSTERIUS: THE UNFATHOMABLE #6 Written by Jeff Parker Art and cover by Tom Fowler While dying in the desert heat, what’s the perfect way to conclude this gathering of free spirits? A massive orgy followed by a mass sacrifice! What do [...]

    I’m Writing THE HOOD, Too

    I’m working with Hood co-creator Kyle Hotz, no less! And the man who made those early First Class covers sing so well, Marko Djurdjevic is doing these too. It’s fun to write characters who aren’t noble in the slightest. Here’s the solicit… DARK REIGN: THE HOOD # 2 The Story: From the pages of NEW [...]

    AGENTS 6- That Sweet Leinil Yu Cover

    AGENTS OF ATLAS #6 Written by JEFF PARKER Penciled by GABRIEL HARDMAN Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU Disturbing visions plucked from the malignant mind of Norman Osborn lead the intrepid Agents to the darkest depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where Namora must have words with her infamous cousin – The Sub-Mariner! What happens next shocks [...]

    Carry On.

    MYSTERIUS 3 In Stores Today!

    I am under, well below the weather. You know when it takes me all day to simply say “I have a book out,” that even my mighty antibodies have succumbed to the nationwide virus. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to pick up Mysterius 3 and meet the weird demons. Coff.

    Be Ready For MYSTERIUS 3

    Because it’s out this Wednesday! More peeks to come.

    WRITER VS. ARTIST: Jeff Parker talks w Gabriel Hardman

    That’s right it’s another one of my semi-confrontational dialogues with a collaborator at Comic Book Resources. Today, Gabe Hardman and I talk about our work on Agents of Atlas and various influences on the work. I’d like to do a longer version of this with him at some point and go further into the film [...]


    Over at Marvel.com I’m talking about the upcoming appearance of Captain America in AGENTS OF ATLAS #3, and there is a nice color preview. This will go nicely with my latest Writer Vs. Artist at CBR, which may be up tomorrow. I wonder if that 50′s story and the present day are going to connect [...]

    Bachalo Cover for ATLAS 2.2

     For the SECOND PRINTING, as I never tire of saying. Thanks to everyone for the continued write-ups and recommendations that are making Agents of Atlas edge out initial orders. If we keep this up we could actually have that rarity, a “growth” book on our hands. On that note, making sure retailers order plenty of [...]

    Preview (and order!) AGENTS OF ATLAS 3

    Over at NEWSARAMA, a nice fat preview of issue 3!  (hey, click “recommend” while you read it, thanks) And this week is final order cut off for getting the issue, so let your comics retailer know to stock up. Unless you ARE a comics shop owner, in which case, let yourself know to stock up. And [...]

    Sea Monkey Friday

    Nothing really to post today, I just had to sneak in a bit from Leinil Yu’s mind-boggling cover to Agents of Atlas 6, which you’ll see pretty soon. I love that the really great artists (the ones I consider as such, anyway) always magically kick into an even higher gear when given the opportunity to [...]

    Comixology Podcast with Tom and Jeff

    I meant to link this the other day, it’s Tom Fowler and I talking to Tucker Stone from the New York Comicon. I can’t believe you can actually understand what we’re saying, it was so loud around us in that building, but it’s pretty clear. I like this interview because Tucker asked us a lot [...]

    AGENTS OF ATLAS # 2 in shops today!

    Naturally I want you to pick up ALL THREE Marvel books I have out today, because I think you’d also like AGE OF THE SENTRY #6 and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS FINALS #2, but if the economy’s got you by the shorties and you can only get one- then definitely get the one that’s an ongoing [...]

    Sentry Dies Tomorrow!

    At least in the book I wrote. Here’s a neat print that Nick Dragotta had for WonderCon last weekend…