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  • T-Minus

    Newsarama has an interview up today with Jim Ottaviani talking about his upcoming book with (brothers) Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon T-MINUS. It’s about the race to the moon, which I never tire of reading, and Jim has a good hopeful point about the dire things we face today (world economy) and how the space race can be inspirational for dealing with that. The only thing I can’t figure is why there aren’t any sample pages from the book, and I couldn’t find any at First Second’s site either. But it’s soliciting now, so order now!


    Comment from Shad Petosky
    Time: February 18, 2009, 8:08 pm

    Ha! I was pushing for BTA to be called Cannon Bros. in the early days. There is some interview where the interviewer replaced “Zander” and “Kevin” with “my brother” whenever they said each other’s names.

    I’d be more impressed by your subversiveness if you went with…(lovers)