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  • Saturday at NYCC

    Like I can remember anything. And how am I supposed to talk on panels today with no voice, answer me that Mr. Green Lantern. Yesterday is a blur of signings and quick interviews, notably with Word Balloon’s John Siuntres, that one should be popping up on Newsarama soon.

    I feel I made some hay at the Marvel signing, which is usually a cattle call of people throwing sketchbooks under your face asking for whichever character they like regardless of whether you work on the book or not. Most every Iron Man or whoever I drew was plugging ATLAS in their sketchbook, my favorite being Daredevil saying “If I could see, I would read Agents of Atlas!”

    The Wildstorm Panel was mostly notable for Tucker Stone getting in an argument with Jim Lee, but Tom Fowler and I both tried to say “Mysterius!” at as many intervals as we could. After that we signed at DC, where no one knew who or what we were for the most part. But Tom gave a couple of kids free copies of MAD, which lit them up brightly. Finally met Kevin Church and had a good time slagging people on the internet. A very good time. I think I told him and that fine fellow Benjamin Birdie that I’d do a pinup for The Rack. I wonder if they’ll remember?

    The last order of business was signing for the MOCCA booth with Leonard Kirk, and that was great because it was the easiest place for some of my actual readers to find me and talk books. We raised some money for the museum, and they made us complimentary members, so next time I’m in town I’m heading straight to Soho to see comics art on walls.

    It feels like breakfast time, and The Fred (Van Lente) says there’s a diner around the corner, so that settles it. For your global experience, Parkerspace regular Butch was good enough to post pictures from Carlo Pagulayan’s signing the other day. When I get to the Philippines one day, I’m going to that store.


    Comment from kjchen
    Time: February 9, 2009, 5:10 am

    Dirty pool shilling Agents of Atlas when it’s sold out all over the place.

    Comment from Butch
    Time: February 9, 2009, 9:20 pm

    It’s sold out at a bunch of places here too. Second print should have that gorgeous spread as the cover.