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  • Archive for February, 2009

    Preview AGENTS of ATLAS #2!

    Over at Comic Book Resources today, a nice fat preview too. For those of you who’ve been wanting the book to jump into 50′s material, we’ve got you covered- watch Marvel Boy chase down a MiG Fighter jet! I’m pretty excited about the stories starting in this issue- do me a solid and spread the [...]

    I’m on the Alter Ego Comic-Cast

    Because you can’t get enough of my weird accent, here’s me and the lads living it up. I apologize to X-fans for tarring them with a hot, tar-filled brush.

    Alex Toth DoodleBook STILL IN PRINT

      So lately I’ve been alerted to the fact that people are eBaying DEAR JOHN: THE ALEX TOTH DOODLEBOOK by Octopus Press (which is me) for crazy sums, when in fact the book is not out of print. I recently tried to Offer Again that and THE INTERMAN through Diamond, but based on the last time [...]

    MYSTERIUS 2 Preview at Comixology

    Here’s a sequence from the current MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE from the fine folk at Comixology. Ar, now be the time to get on board. Yar, where me comps, DC.


    Newsarama has an interview up today with Jim Ottaviani talking about his upcoming book with (brothers) Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon T-MINUS. It’s about the race to the moon, which I never tire of reading, and Jim has a good hopeful point about the dire things we face today (world economy) and how the space [...]

    MYSTERIUS 2 Tomorrow

    Don’t forget, magic lovers- MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE #2 hits comics shops tomorrow! If you like it, please continue to be LOUD ONLINE about it, that’s been very helpful at making readers aware of this book. This issue we find out more about Mr. Ormond’s strange skin problem, and see the Delfi of the 1960′s- it [...]

    Happy V Day

    I think an excellent date idea this weekend would be to take your Significant One to see Coraline, maybe even in 3D. That’s what I hope to do. Of course, I’m also rooting for the film’s success to bolster Portland as a haven where animators can do their thing- here’s a recent Willamette Week article [...]

    Robot Love

    Today I’m the guest blogger over at Robot 6, and my theme for their Love Week is “I Heart Learning From Comics.” If you have a moment to read it, I’ll bet some instances where you actually gleaned something real from comic books will occur to you. So share some of them there, if you [...]


    Over at Comic Book Resources, I do an X-Position talking a bit about X-MEN FIRST CLASS FINALS and EXILES. Plus a little bit of AGENTS OF ATLAS. And there’s some art to see. This will stall you until I remember how the New York Convention ended.


    I know I still need to mention the end of New York Comicon, but at the moment all I can say is that ISSUE ONE of AOA SOLD OUT AND IS GETTING A SECOND PRINTING!!! We’re the Li’l Engine That Could! After freezing in the shadow of Civil War, we’ve scooted up to the fire, [...]

    Saturday at NYCC

    Like I can remember anything. And how am I supposed to talk on panels today with no voice, answer me that Mr. Green Lantern. Yesterday is a blur of signings and quick interviews, notably with Word Balloon’s John Siuntres, that one should be popping up on Newsarama soon. I feel I made some hay at [...]

    It’s Signing Time.

    I better get down to the Javits Center- why am I still here? Yesterday at the Darklate Reeiiggn panel we announced THE HOOD miniseries I’m doing with Kyle Hotz. Hung out with Dave Johnson, who I don’t see much anymore since I don’t live in Los Angeles. And other things happened, that I can remember [...]

    I’m Going In.

    Okay, I’m finally finishing this script and now I can head over to the show. It sounds jam packed, which really just makes me think “hey, what’s going on over at the Natural History Museum?” But I guess I better dive in and experience it. I would post some of the good Atlas reviews I’ve [...]

    I Am On The East Coast.

    You know, it’s cold in New York, but not so much that all furnaces have to be roaring out of control inside. Today I’ll be working on stories at the Marvel offices, just like I imagined people did when I was a kid, before I found out everyone worked from home. It makes it very [...]

    ATLAS DAY: Report to Your Local Comics Shop

    It figures that on a day I have three books coming out that I would be up in the air for hours instead of standing in a comics shop helpfully guiding people to one of my comics. Just as well, one of those books is the first issue of X-Men First Class: FINALS, and I [...]