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  • Archive for January, 2009

    Agents of Atlas Preview at CBR

    I’ve got to get on top of things. Dana Moreshead done told me there’s a nice Agents preview up at CBR today, complete with a classic Nate Cosby Recap Page. Go read, and decide to buy! Out Next Week.

    Jeff Parker New York Comicon Schedule

    Here’s what I think is my schedule for next weekend’s big show at the Javitz Center in New York. FRIDAY Dark Reign Panel (Panel Room 7 – 1A24) – 4:45 pm to 5:45 pm SATURDAY 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm- Signing @ The Marvel Booth (Booth #1141) 1:30-2:30pm: PANEL – WildStorm: After World’s End (Room [...]

    I Read About Rats.

    I borrowed the book RATS: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants from my friend Terri a while back, mainly because of this excellent Peter Sis cover. The cover suggests a lot at once, and it looked like it would be a fascinating read. It’s not, really. There are some [...]

    Lay Off The Chimney Sweep, Guv’nor

    Scott Kurtz linked to this brief CNN interview with Dick Van Dyke in honor of the 45th anniversary of the Disney version of Mary Poppins. I’ve always been a big fan of DVD’s, and the Sherman Brothers score for the movie is in constant rotation in our house, especially if my son has anything to [...]

    Why Not Wildstorm?

    So MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE #1 has made the rounds, and we’re getting excellent reviews for issue 1, like this and this. Here. And here. And also here. Not to mention here or here or here. Oop, almost forgot about here and here and here. And that’s not counting podcasts. Thank you, early adopters! Yet, in [...]

    Hangin’ In The Airport…

    -waiting for my delayed flight to San Francisco. Luckily the Isotope MYSTERIUS party isn’t until tonight, but I’d hoped to stop by the Comics Art Museum and then set up at the shop to get some work done. Maybe I’ll get some done on the plane if the person in front of me doesn’t lean [...]


    But I warn you, do not laugh at him… And don’t underestimate Delfi, either. But DO go straight out and get this book and tell the world what you’ve found. And if you wish to compare notes with other readers at some point, may I suggest The Mysterium? Just because I’m not sure where on [...]


    Rock on, Mr. President. I’m feeling pretty good today- not as much as that nitrous oxide feeling I had all day after Obama won the election, nothing can match that, but still very good. Luckily even after straining his back, Dick Cheney was able to make it in his new wheelchair. I have more praise [...]

    Fowler Explains Magic Tricks

    Actually, Tom just misdirects, like a proper magician should. But you’ll enjoy this interview about our new Wildstorm book over at Forces of Geek, which is really shaping up to be quite a destination. MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE IN STORES THIS WEDNESDAY!!!

    One. More. Day!

    Not in the Spider-Man storyline sense, but as in one more day until the Ring of Sauron is tossed into the lava so the U.S. can start being a democracy again. Happy MLK day indeed! I wish for today I had recorded my five year old’s fuzzy interpretation of who King was as she tried [...]

    Andrew Wyeth

    I’ve always loved “Master Bedroom.”* Thanks Andrew Wyeth for a lifetime of excellence. Here’s a brief overview of the artist from the NY Times. Though that wastes some space on debates whether he was a Sentimentalist (if I ever hear someone compare him to the Painter of Light, someone’s going in the Hudson River). James [...]


    At Newsarama! Out next week! And if you’re logged in at the ‘rama, do us a solid and click “Recommend”!

    Outliers- and Good Flyers

    US Airways Flight 1549 going down in the Hudson River reminds me, I never talked about the book Outliers I was reading. The connection there is that Outliers has a chapter on piloting dealing with the kind of flying opposite that of Pilot of the Century Chesley Sullenburger, who I predict will be getting a [...]

    Cabinet Appointments of Which I Approve

    Continuing my in-depth look at the appointments of the incoming Obama administration here in the States, today we should focus on the man who was just grilled for the position of Attorney General, Eric Holder. I think Holder is a perfect pick to get the Justice Department back on track. Yes, he has an excellent [...]

    10 Things About Atlas

    Over at Newsarama, Editor Mark Paniccia schools those people seeing the Agents of Atlas previews and wondering “whazzis?” I probably should do a little spiel on the logo I designed for the new series, hopefully tomorrow if I have a bit of time. And then you’ll have actual ‘content’ instead of signing and promotional info.