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  • Archive for December, 2008

    Wolverine: Agent of Atlas? Read for Free…

    Here, on New Year’s Eve have a free episode of the three-part WOLVERINE: AGENT OF ATLAS that’s beginning now on Marvel Digital. Unlike my panel here, it’s in glorious color by Elizabeth Dismang, and drawn by Benton Jew who got in more neat 50′s touches than I could imagine. You’ll all be feeling like Logan [...]

    Alt Ending of the Day

    Maybe it was because we were discussing books here yesterday, but last night I couldn’t get the famous “Time Enough At Last” episode of the Twilight Zone out of my head. Just like the way everything comes to a halt at the studio when we start pondering how to survive in a world populated with [...]

    Amazon Attacks

    There’s a good piece in the NY Times today about the suffering book market, that is to say, the publisher-retail system. The home-grown out of the garage retailer is doing just fine, and the two are at odds. Once again my practices clouded me to the reality of this- I do order books online, but [...]

    Snow Ho Ho!

    This picture of my street is already dated and doesn’t show how much snow we really have now; you’d not see anything poking through today. The Cold Meiser was clearly victorious in his battles with the Heat Meiser, and Portland has snow like it hasn’t in 40 years. Longtime locals are shocked by it, but [...]

    Why, Why, Why…

    … didn’t I call my story in Age of the Sentry #4 “A TALE OF TWO SENTRIES”…? I get so mad at myself when this kind of thing occurs to me way too late.

    MYSTERIUS 3- The Magic Word Is…

    …pre-order! Written by Jeff Parker; Art and cover by Tom Fowler After a surprising tragedy at Grant’s Tomb, Mysterius and Delfi return to the home of the severely disturbed Vic Chesnea to find he had a good reason for becoming unhinged. Two of the good reasons are trying to get into the house tonight to [...]


    You know, I was just musing about that guy Rich Johnston heckled who was posing to small publishers as Art Adams, when today I find out about Travis T. Cowsill, storyboarder/director. It’s a Coroflot portfolio, which is part of Core77 magazine, and I think many of his samples are excellent- because they’re MINE. The first [...]

    Atlas at the ‘Rama

    Eat it, Man Mountain! It’s ORDERING TIME for the new Agents of Atlas series, and you can see some art from issue one over at Newsarama, where Vaneta Rogers and I talk about Marvel’s Ratpack. Comment up on it too, if you have time, so retailers know they need to clear shelf space for ATLAS [...]

    Dark Reign: New Nation Out Today

    And it features the Agents of Atlas short that kicks off their new series. There’s subversive things happening here, but if you want you can just take away the message that JIMMY WOO LIKES GOLD.

    Sentry 4 Out This Week!

    I love the way Nick Dragotta draws that Corgi. Now that Paul Tobin is manning his blog, he’s catching things I missed like CBR’s preview pages of Age of the Sentry #4. In mine and Nick’s (and Gary, and Val’s) our Silver Age hero meets his Golden Age counterpart, while in Paul and Ramon Rosanas’ [...]

    Fly Flaircraft

    I’ve been meaning to link to the new site of cartoonist David Hahn, since he got a snappy new airport-themed website and a “J” in his name all of a sudden. Also David has started a new sketch blog. Comment or chide him there, and ask what’s up with that J!

    The Muse and the Artist

    While thousands of sites will be talking about the passing of Bettie Page, I have to say it really just makes me all the sadder that Dave Stevens is gone. Like anyone with eyes I thought she was gorgeous of course, but I was never that enamored of her. I didn’t have to be- Dave [...]

    Dark (Reign) Tendencies

    Go to Marvel.com for DARK REIGN discussion. Mainly go to see Neil Kleid’s hypnotizing effect on me. By Kleid merely saying “tendency” in a question, I was compelled to say “tend” THREE TIMES in my answer! Marvel.com: You have a tendency to populate your books with “unique” characters: M.O.D.O.K. Avengers, talking gorillas and dragons—you even [...]

    The Value of Comics

    I just read Tom Spurgeon’s excellent and positive piece on the state of comics (yes, I said Spurgeon). It’s a response to Steven Grant’s recent column which managed to hit a lot of nerves with the word dreary- agree with him or not, you must admit he has that good writer’s skill of choosing power [...]

    RIP, Forry

    Okay, Lieber said I couldn’t mention my long-standing complaint that the Captain Company never sent me the 12 bucks worth of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines and posters I ordered when I was a kid, but I never really blamed Forrest Ackerman for that. Forry passed away yesterday at the age of 92. I got [...]