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  • Archive for November, 2008

    Thanks, all Around

    So you Canadians already did yours, and you Europeans aren’t even thankful for anything, but for everyone in the United States, have a very restful Thanksgiving tomorrow. I had some list of things I was going to be grateful about, but without editors calling and screaming for script, I can’t seem to get into my [...]

    Miracleman Explains the Financial Crisis

    You know, people are looking everywhere to make sense of the global financial crisis- especially looking to that torch in the darkness-comics- and it occurs to me almost daily that the essentials of it all were explained best back in the 1980′s by Miracleman. From Miracleman #16, Eclipse Comics, Alan Moore and John Totleben.

    First Class Film-fun

    Things are looking good for that much-speculated upon X-Men: First Class movie as they’ve brought Josh Schwartz in to write, which leads to fun speculation about who would play who. Like in this piece with me talking to Jennifer Vineyard over at MTV Movie News. But to be clear, I don’t think it will resemble [...]

    IGN has a sneak peek at the DARK REIGN special arriving in shops on December 3rd, featuring among other notable Marvel heroes, the AGENTS OF ATLAS. For those puzzled by the mention of it as “the second miniseries,” that’s a mistake, probably building off Carlo Pagulayan’s reference to the first mini. Don’t worry, there’s a [...]

    Mysterius #2 Available to Order…

    MYSTERIUS: THE UNFATHOMABLE #2 Written by Jeff Parker Art and cover by Tom Fowler Auctioneer Gerald Ormond has a bad skin problem – his skin is telling the world about his infidelities! Mysterius suspects witches are at work, and his investigation unearths some groovy memories from his adventures in the 1960s. Meanwhile, Vic Chesnea is [...]

    The Gol-Dang Sentry

    If there’s anything that says comics more than Nick Dragotta drawing hillbillies night-fishin’, I don’t want to know about it. CBR has a preview of next week’s Age of the Sentry #3, also with some sweet Colleen Coover pages for Paul Tobin’s story featuring MILLIE THE MODEL and MANOO. In this economic downturn, some things [...]

    Writer Vs. Artist at CBR

    I’m trying something new today at Comic Book Resources in a feature called Writer Vs. Artist. Where instead of hogging all the precious spotlight for myself regarding books I work on, I attempt an actual dialogue with the co-creator who draws the stories. I love creator chatter and have always liked these conversations since reading [...]

    Congrats to Sara Ryan!

    Author Sara Ryan won the Young Adult category of the Oregon Book Award last night for Rules For Hearts. Actually it tied with Linda Zuckerman’s A Taste For Rabbit, but I don’t know her (though it must be a good book to make it too hard to pick with RFH). Hearts connects to Ryan’s first [...]

    The Blog Lab

    Jim Ottaviani, esteemed publisher of science comics as GT-Labs (and now writer for other publishers such as TOR), is finally wading into the webloggy waters with his new blog that appears to have no proper name. Go see how like other new bloggers he’s horribly self-conscious about starting one, even though it’s practically expected of [...]

    Post Electional

    Like many people I’m having a hard time shifting out of political-obsess mode, but I did manage to get work done yesterday, so that’s progress. Still, I spent a good chunk of time reading this fascinating series at Newsweek that shows us the past year from inside the Obama/Clinton/McCain campaigns by embedded journalists who agreed [...]

    Congratulations, President-Elect Obama.

    What a night. I’m so ridiculously, unabashedly proud of America right now I can’t tell you. Maybe our motto should be, as would also apply to our stalled entry into World War 2, “We’ll screw up and drop the ball most of the time, but right at the very last minute of the eleventh hour [...]


    At NEWSARAMA today, Zack Smith and I talk about MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE so you can start to figure out what this odd book is about. Looking through the article, you might find a link to another site that will be shedding some light on the series, acting as a companion to it. But mainly, look [...]