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  • My Favorite Canned Drink


    Boy, a whole week blew by and I said nothing, according to that little calendar way down the sidebar that gently indicates posts. I also don’t feel like talking about Ms. Goshdarnityoubetcha from last night’s debate, so I’ll go back to the food theme and mention one of my favorite beverages. Mainly because I fear Blue Sky will stop making it, a fear born from the fact that Fred Meyer recently stopped stocking it and now I have to go to Whole Foods for it. It’s their Peach Mist tea soda which tastes good and has an oddly calming effect. Also no corn syrup. Please encourage the consumption of this fine drink so it doesn’t vanish.

    I’m going to try to schedule some posts for next week, since another calendar here tells me I have JURY DUTY.

    UPDATE: This Australian kid is a future super-villain and should be sent into deep space on a rocket now.


    Comment from Eric Newsom
    Time: October 3, 2008, 8:49 pm

    Or perhaps he’s attempting to please our reptilian overlords….

    …Which I guess might make him a super-villain? I dunno. I have to wait to see how this Skrull thing turns out first.