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  • Archive for October, 2008


    Another installment of Strangeways at Blog@Newsarama is up, and just in time for Halloween, someone is going to get bitten. Hope you end up someplace fun tonight with as little trickery as possible.

    It’s Tomorrow.

    Just carved another Jack O’Lantern, one more to go. These big brutes you get from the pumpkin patch look very classic like the kind N.C. Wyeth might paint, but they’re thick and hard to carve. The thin ones they sell at supermarkets feel like you’re slicing with a laser by comparison. The kids and I [...]

    I’m Talking With Tim

    Tim O’ Shea, me buckos, over at his blog wherein he talks with people. Mostly comic book people, so far. And we’re talking about this week’s Giant Sized X-Men: First Class which is a Halloween tribute to old sci-fi movies with lots of guest star cartoonists. C’mon, get in the Halloween spirit. A good way [...]

    Strangeways Begins on the Web

    Matt Maxwell’s western-horror Strangeways: The Thirsty has kicked into gear over at the Blog@Newsarama today, and it looks good. And you really can’t beat the price, go read!

    Preview GSX, Listen to Andy.

    Next week the Giant Sized X-Men First Class Halloween Extravaganza is out, full of guest artists following the adventures of Beast investigating his own X-files. Comic Book Resources has a preview. I’ll be talking to Tim O’ Shea about it, so that will pop up soon. That sweet image above is from the story drawn [...]

    Art Adams’ Agents of Atlas

    If only I could have* used an A to spell “of”. As Beast pointed out in the comments of the Mysterius post, Marvel is advertising the Agents of Atlas poster by none other than Art Adams! Finally, a poster. A snazzy one, too. *Note to the entire internet: In the past week I’ve read something [...]


    MYSTERIUS: THE UNFATHOMABLE #1 Written by Jeff Parker Art and cover by Tom Fowler “Will all patrons please be seated? Tonight you will witness supernatural feats that no mortal mind can comprehend! Your very senses will reel as Mysterius the Great takes the stage after years in absentia! And now please welcome his newest stalwart, [...]

    What the Global Economy Needs Now

    Is HARRISON OOGAR, the CAVEMAN OF WALL STREET. He’ll get the markets back on track! Meet Harrison Oogar AND… Truman Capote in this week’s AGE OF THE SENTRY #2, in stores today!

    Monster Size Hulk Preview

    Just in time to get all Halloweeny, the Monster Size Hulk issue comes out this week. Go see that appropriately dark Gabriel Hardman art over at Marvel Noise.com.

    National Periscope Radio

    Steve Lieber and I are on NPR today talking to Neda Ulaby about music in the workplace, specifically Periscope Studio. It’s too bad our segment is short, because Ron Randall and Colleen Coover had some good lines in the full interview. In fact, we brought up Dolly Parton’s Jolene, which I thought must have been [...]

    More Choices: Agents of Atlas

    Not really a choice since I tend to go ahead and do what I feel will work best anyway, but just wanted to hear some feedback. As I’m now digging into the first issue of the new ATLAS series, I was wondering if any of you who plan to follow it will be up for [...]

    A Poll! A Choice!

    I’ve been wanting to do a poll for some time, and here it finally is, to test the waters. A very simple one for you Americans out there, pertaining to this election thing we have coming up in a few weeks. Not asking how you will vote, just simply… can you? [poll id="2"] Because in [...]

    And Speaking of Super-Villains…

    Is it wrong that I want this guy to continue committing crimes in similar fashion? Look, I fervently believe robbery is wrong, but the dichotomy here is that it is also AWESOME.

    My Favorite Canned Drink

    Boy, a whole week blew by and I said nothing, according to that little calendar way down the sidebar that gently indicates posts. I also don’t feel like talking about Ms. Goshdarnityoubetcha from last night’s debate, so I’ll go back to the food theme and mention one of my favorite beverages. Mainly because I fear [...]