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  • Archive for September, 2008

    “Sure, sure…”

    I usually think we make way too much of actors because we often conflate them with roles they played, essentially treating Ed Harris like he was the first man to orbit the Earth instead of the one who gave us the intolerable biopic Pollack. But Paul Newman really did live up to the hype. He’s [...]

    Surprise Development: I Do An Interview

    Kiel Phegley at Marvel.com tried to make my rambling make sense, but I just never come off well when answering questions on the phone. For instance- what am I even talking about here? Jeff Parker: I appreciate it, too. [Laughs] What I’m interested in is starting in the next issue, little cracks start to come [...]

    Into the ‘Voortex

    I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to clear up misconceptions about how editors and writers and artists actually work together and how projects at Marvel come about, when all most people need to do is read Tom Brevoort’s blog. Here’s a good recent piece with Tom over at CBR that explains the landscape [...]

    Word Balloon Talks With Me, Jeff Parker.

    Over at Newsarama, we all sound like hopeless mumblers compared to the radio pro John Siuntres. These are always great, even if I’m in them. John and I talk about the upcoming Agents of Atlas and the oddly disappearing X-Men First Class. Go listen, or Momma Cage will MAKE YOU LISTEN.

    Dragon Con: The Wonderful World of Pat Sun

    Man, I have not been to that show since it was merely a Klingonfest, but now it’s become the Cosplayah Mecca, once again documented like crazy by the Mad Photographer Patrick Sun. Pretty impressive flickr pools, go check it out- and judge, judge, judge.

    Age of the Sentry PREVIEW

    At Comic Book Resources!

    What if Every Black Hole in the Universe…

    -was originally a planet where the last words uttered were, “Okay, fire up the supercollider!” National Geographic has a good article on the supercollider and the God Particle online now. See you on the Event Horizon! *Don’t worry, I’ve run the numbers and this will not create a tiny black hole. It will, however, open [...]

    Talking Time: Sentry

    Now, the hell if I’m going to listen to this, nothing offends me quite like the sound of my own voice. But you feel free to go over to Marvel.com and listen to their podcast version of the Stern show with me and host Jeff Suter talking about AGE OF THE SENTRY which ships this [...]

    MONSTER-Sized Hulk

    That’s the FRANKENSTEIN monster and The Hulk, because it had to happen. Coincidentally, right at Halloween. I talk to Vaneta Rogers at Newsarama about how the characters are related, mythically and stuff. Zack, you gotta get faster, Vaneta is all ON these stories!

    Look Into The Crystal Skull

    Welcome back to the ongoing series of Reviews From Someone With Kids Who Rarely Sees Movies In The Same Year They Are Released or whatever I was calling this movie feature. I feel I don’t have to do any kind of SPOILER! warnings because everyone in every country has usually seen said films before me. [...]