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  • Archive for August, 2008

    We Have Sickles!

    Amazon air-lifted my fat copy of SCORCHY SMITH AND THE ART OF NOEL SICKLES yesterday! This is truly a thing of beauty. I’m not going to ramble on about how incredible it is, because Leif Peng already did that much better in a post the other day. Thanks Dean Mullaney, for a top notch production. [...]

    Hey, why can’t I get anyone from Virgin on the phone toda- Oh.

    You may have seen the news that Virgin Comics has folded up like a Transformer and driven away. The only interruption for me is that it kills a short Gamekeeper prequel I had written and Ron Randall and Ron Chan were working on, other than that I was done with all my Virgin work. I’d [...]

    Now FACE OFF Can Happen.

    When John Woo’s FACE OFF came out, I thought the whole world had gone mad. Everyone I knew was raving about it like it wasn’t a big steaming pile and even NPR pieces were talking about the premise completely straight like it wasn’t too much to swallow even by Woo standards. They could have easily [...]

    This Weekend…

    First, I‘m talking about the HULK vs. FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER coming up this Halloween over at ComicMonsters.com, appropriately. Then, for you layabouts down in the Los Angeles area, there’s a cool appearance/signing over at Meltdown Comics, and my main thug Doselle Young will be there. Heck, maybe Walter Mosely will be there too. Here’s the details [...]

    Read Sentry for Free!

    First, you can read me and Paul Tobin talking about the upcoming AGE OF THE SENTRY miniseries at Marvel.com . And then you can go read Paul’s first story with artist Ramon Rosanas, who we’re all becoming huge fans of. For nothing! Now that’s a value. The giant bear doesn’t actually show up until issue [...]

    Van Lente and Parker Talk X

    Fred Van Lente, the Man of Plenty, and I speak about the Adventures books over at CBR, and yes, we address that offhanded Kirkman line about the books “talking down to kids.” But mostly we just sling Yo Momma jokes at each other. Pretend to be working on your powerpoint presentation for Thursday and go [...]

    Bless That Blessed…

    “And it [the set] was full of dwarfs and all kinds of people. I love dwarfs. They’re the happiest people in the world. And I loved to chase them around the set and stuff like that. So the whole thing was colossal fun.” From the George Khoury piece on the 1980 Flash Gordon movie at [...]

    X-Men/Medusa Preview

    X-Men: First Class#15 is out this week, drawn by the InKomparable Karl Kesel. Go read the first few pages over at Comic Book Resources.

    Lost Technology

    Except for the 103 degrees of today, when even shorts seem like too much, I usually have to roll up my right pants leg to avoid either getting chain grease on it or worse, a nice big tear. And that’s if you’re lucky, often catching clothes in your chain can send you down to street [...]

    Crusade Preview

    My current house guest, French artist Philippe Xavier offers this preview of the series Croisade that he does with writer Jean Dufaux, published by Dargaud. It follows an extra crusade that history doesn’t tell us of, and this is from the upcoming book 3. And what I want to know is why Dargaud have such [...]

    IDW, Where My Scorchy Sickles

    Does anyone know what’s up with the Scorchy Smith And The Art Of Noel Sickles book from IDW? I pre-ordered it from Amazon (for a sweet discount), but it seems to keep being rescheduled. My recent Amazon email said “we don’t know where that book is” and was followed in two days with “We now [...]

    Curse of the Moon’s Eye

    Good thing the Comics Reporter is around to pass on information like the online debut of Ellie Connelly and the Curse of the Moon’s Eye by Indigo Kelleigh, because Indigo never mentioned it to me in his weekly visits to the studio. Go check it out, it’s great.

    What’s With All The Beheadings Already

    It was horrific enough with the lunatic in Canada on the bus the other day. And then this weekend, a guy in Greece did it to his girlfriend and dog. What the hell? Is the collective unconscious being hit with a meme of medieval violence lately? I have to say in the case of the [...]

    I Have Seen It.

    And it was a thing of beauty. Thanks everyone for not spoiling it for me, you can all talk freely now. With one film, Christopher Nolan has rebooted the public’s brain files on how cheesy Batman has been, and replaced all that with expectations of thrills and suspense. And just like everyone told me, Ledger [...]