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  • Archive for July, 2008

    SDCC 08: Done and Done

    I meant to blog a little more about those last two days, but didn’t get back around wifi the rest of the time. Yes, I know there was wifi in the Convention Center, but I couldn’t risk taking in my laptop, loaded as it is with secret plans for the Marvel Universe in 2009, you [...]

    SDCC 08 DAY 1: Here Comes ATLAS

    Ohhh my… I am the tired. As I’ve said before, every day is what Saturday used to be like at this show. Me can’t process it all. The first thing on the agenda was going to sign at Dave Bullock (and Darwyn Cooke and Cameron Stewart)’s booth, where Dave gave away these gorgeous Sentry posters [...]


    I have no idea what’s at the show yet, I caught a late flight to get here. But if my travel has any omen qualities, it’s going to be great. After Gentleman Kieron Dwyer gave me a ride to the airport (and laughed, ‘later chump’), I got on the first non-booked-to-capacity flight that I’ve been [...]

    Jeff Parker Comicon International Schedule

    I’ll probably leave this up here at the top all next week as I try to make deadlines before the show. Drop a comment if you think you’ll be going to San Diego and might see me. Most of my appearances are piled onto Thursday (I may not come in at all Saturday, it’s a [...]

    I’m In The Comics Waiting Room…

    …talking shop with Matt Maxwell. We did enough back and forth that this interview comes across as a real dialogue and not me turning on the Stan Lee Promototron 6000, go give it a read. MM: How did that Ego, the Living Planet story go over, anyways…? JP: They loved it, but there was a [...]

    Still At Beach.

    And when I get back, boy will this place wake up with cracking insight and news! But I’ve got another day to go play at the beautiful Oregon Coast here in Manzanita. In the meantime, I see that one of my studiomates, the up n’ coming red-headed talent Rich Ellis did an X-Men: First Class [...]

    Nowlan Can Make Anyone Look Great

    I was going to save this for a while, but since Nate Cosby just blogged it on the Marvel site showing the process, I guess I can go ahead and put it up. This is the cover to the upcoming Giant Size X-Men First Class, which is our Halloween special. They led me to draw [...]

    Happy 4th

    I can’t think of any better symbol of independence this week than the well-run operation that freed Ingrid Betancourt, the eleven Columbians and three U.S. contractors, without even firing a shot. My hat is off to those Columbian Commando spies and the American intelligence advisors. And of course, those hostages who have somehow endured it [...]

    Who Stole Mt. Hood?

    I was confused yesterday when at a place by the Columbia River where there’s always a great view of Mt. Hood, because the volcano was gone. Then I found out it’s from haze created by all the fires burning in Northern California, coming all the way up here. I wish as much good luck to [...]

    Pat’s Heroes Photos

    That’s just part of the line signing the What If book last week, from left it’s Matt Wieringo, Mark Waid, Karl Kesel, Stuart Immonen, and Chris Giarusso. This is just one of the many crystal clear images you’ll find in Pat Sun’s photo pool of the show, which I forgot to link the other day. [...]