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  • Archive for June, 2008

    Mike Wieringo Tribute Book Out Now

    That one of course, is one of the copies gang-signed by many of the contributors at Heroes Con last weekend. But you can find a clean copy at your local comics shop now. It turned out great. My only complaint is that from fear of trademark infringement, I was asked to alter my Gorilla General [...]

    Heroes Con, We Hardly Knew Ye

    Well dadburn! I thought my quick hotel ramble was lost to the ether, but Steven Gettis performed an autopsy on WordPress and fished it out. So here’s what I rambled… You know, there are no flights back to Portland from Charlotte until late in the day, so I’ve been cooling my heels in the Westin [...]

    Post Eaten!

    Well, I wrote a rambling run-down of my Heroes Con experience, and WordPress munched it up for some reason. Which rarely happens. I’ll try again tomorrow if this flight doesn’t wipe it all from my mind…

    HEROES CON and the Ringo!

    This coming weekend is the HEROES CONVENTION in Charlotte, NC! With a line up such has never been seen outside a mega-show like Comicon International. Darwyn Cooke is a special guest, so I’m hoping they made shirt with his art on it. I’m going to be there Saturday and Sunday, mostly at whatever table I’m [...]

    ATLAS is back Today!

    Agents of Atlas are in the SECRET INVASION: WHO DO YOU TRUST? Special, in fine comics shops everywhere. Poor Namora! How did those Skrulls catch her? The whole book is full of good stuff, but buy it to support your favorite team from the 50′s in the modern day. It should be interesting to see [...]

    Tomorrow: Hulk and Thundra Get It ON

    I meant fightin’, of course! Here’s me and Steve Sunu briefly talking about Incredible Hulk: Raging Thunder over at the Wizard site. You can tell I did it over the phone because I always sound like a nimrod if I don’t use email. And sometimes, if I do.

    Wieringo Book At HeroesCon!

    Which is now a mere two weeks away. Wow. I guess it’s actually summer, though we in Portland don’t know that because it’s cold and rainy here for some reason. But I’ll be there with a lot of terrific talent to sign this if you can make it. Anyway, here’s the Hero Initiative press release [...]

    Vote Jimmy Woo

    Do you work in the comics industry somehow? Do you like to get drunk with power and influence the careers and reputations of comics creators? Then you want to follow this link and vote in the Eisner Awards. You have until June 13, but better do it today to be on the safe side. Oh [...]