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  • Other Seattle Notes

    I meant to post the rest of my memories of the Emerald City show this weekend, but now it’s all gone. Thanks for nothing, brain! But my studio, PERISCOPE did haikus of the experience and in a way that tells you much more than if I’d had a digital camera and took notes.
    I do remember walking around in the cold looking for a bar with Craig Rousseau, Todd DeZago, Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover, Andy Johnson and Adam Healy (Karl Kesel ditched us after dinner at Ruth’s Chris). We ended up back at the very near Taphouse, where David Hahn joined us. That was easy, all we had to do was kick back with Todd set on “Raconteur Mode” and voila, entertainment.
    Oh, I just remembered the night before when Ford Gilmore and I went to eat at the waterfront and the biggest panhandler ever blocked the sidewalk, rasping out “I’ll be honest- I lost my voice… need fifty cents.” This is not one of the folks you would have felt sorry for by the way, he likely intimidated most visitors. I said something about how fifty cents was supposed to get his voice back and got sworn at with the last bit his vocal chords could muster.
    I wish I could have spent time with lots of people there, but the show is now big enough to easily miss people. At least I got to walk around, I’m not sure Pat Loika ever got up from doing his commissions the entire time, same with Matthew Clark. Now I wish I’d asked Gonzalo to scan me the Namora sketch I did for him. One panel attendee actually gave me a copy of the Marvel Premiere with Woodgod in it after I mentioned that character in the Marvel Panel. Next time I’ll randomly say “Amazing Fantasy #15.”

    At the end of the show I saw Neil Vokes was there, and realized I hadn’t read the guest list very closely if at all. We tried to catch up in five measly minutes. I’m slipping on this whole convention going thing- I don’t even know how many copies of Strangeways Matt Maxwell sold Sunday. Paul, Colleen and I found a legitimate taxi this time for the ride back to the train station (it was funny though hearing our unlicensed driver Friday talk about the Cablife and trying to convince us he was a real cabbie). And the ride home was nice. The movie had been North by Northwest on the way up and it was Murder on the Orient Express on the way home. Which is always worth a puzzled look at Albert Finny mugging as Poirot. Jonathan and Sarah Case gave me a ride home and the whole thing was over as quickly as it began.


    Comment from Matt M.
    Time: May 13, 2008, 10:58 am

    I actually sold more copies of MURDER MOON at Stumptown. Didn’t do bad at Seattle, mind you, but more Portlanders opened their hearts to Cowboy and Werwolf love.

    Man, that sounds so very wrong now that I read it back…

    Comment from Pat Loika
    Time: May 14, 2008, 7:31 pm

    Thanks for the awesome Cyclops sketch, Jeff! So sorry I never got to drop by your table. I’ll make up for it next year! :)