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  • Archive for May, 2008

    More on Age of the Sentry

    Dave Richards and I follow up that Sentry news over at Comic Book Resources. I left out the interesting turn of events at the series’ end, because I just assumed you would assume that there would be one.

    I’ve Just Been Told I’m Writing The Sentry…

    -And that Paul Tobin is too. And Nick Dragotta is drawing! Well this sounds like a hoot. Here’s something from Marvel on it all.

    JP Talks to PW, Angel Gets A Whole XFC To Himself

    Here’s a quick interview Laura Hudson did with me over at Publisher’s Weekly. And you can read a preview of tomorrow’s X-Men: First Class over at Toon Talk. It’s the ANGEL ISSUE.

    Teen Uses Brain

    Just the other day I was looking grimly at all the plastic bags that we accumulate at home, and thinking about that bigger-than-the-United-States-size blob of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, feeling horrible about the environment in general. Now I read about Daniel Burd, the Canadian teen who won the hell out of the Canada-Wide Science [...]

    See SEA FREAK.

    My studiomate Jonathan Case is finally deciding not to keep all of his work a secret, and has put a chapter of his SEA FREAK up online for free reading. We’ve been leaving him alone to work on this fairly massive project, and once it’s done I assure you you’ll be hearing of him everywhere [...]

    Giant Girls Need Pho

    Don’t forget, MA Avengers #24 is on stands today.

    Rory Root

    I woke up in the middle of the night, foolishly decided to poke in online, and saw that Rory Root had died after surgery. Even if you’ve never been to the West Coast, if you’ve read any national article on comic books you’ve probably seen a quote by someone with the alliterative name of a [...]

    What’s in the Avengers’ Cafeteria?

    Over at Marvel Noise, David has a preview of next week’s Marvel Adventures Avengers. Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of what Captain America really wants in the lunchroom, tatertots… Or CORN. And if you’re lucky, we might have some of that square pizza and applesauce on Wednesday.

    How Punk is that?

    Punk. As. HAIL. As I often do, I was flipping through a Silver Age DC comic, raiding it for ideas for a laugh when I was struck by a supporting character in a public service ad featuring Binky, National Comics’ Archie wannabe. But I don’t think Archie ever had a character like young “Allergy” who [...]

    Other Seattle Notes

    I meant to post the rest of my memories of the Emerald City show this weekend, but now it’s all gone. Thanks for nothing, brain! But my studio, PERISCOPE did haikus of the experience and in a way that tells you much more than if I’d had a digital camera and took notes. I do [...]

    Emerald City Saturday

    I like this picture from Dan Clark’s Pop Culture Zoo report on the Emerald City show because it looks like Ed Brubaker is thoughtfully listening to what I’m saying, while Robert Kirkman and Skottie Young try to figure out where the bathroom is. In fact it was a funny hour with zingers flying from the [...]

    Emerald City Comic Con This Weekend

    That Andy Runton illo of Owly says it best; it’s time to go to Seattle, one of America’s truly great cities that you only know from reruns of Frazier, but is home to one of the best comics shows in the nation. The Emerald City Comic Con! Periscope Studio has been buzzing the past few [...]

    Racer X-Men

    Marc Strom talks to me and Fred Van Lente over at Marvel.com about the First Class books. Cleverly to prevent a repeat of our chaotic CBR interview, they didn’t tell us that it was a joint interview. Tee hee. I’m gearing up for the Emerald City Comicon this weekend, taking that train up to Seattle. [...]

    Right On, North Carolina

    I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel that my home state turned out so big for Obama. I still feel the sting so many years later from supporting Harvey Gant for senator, trying to get friends to register so they could vote for him, and then watching Jesse Helms roll over him. [...]

    Normalcy at 84 %…

    Racing across to the East Coast and back over the weekend left me a little loopy, but I’m ready to start blogging again. Free Comic Book Day at SuperVillains Inc. in Nottingham, Maryland was packed and busy all day, just like FCBD should be- thanks to my good hosts Michael and Charley. I tooled around [...]