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  • Archive for April, 2008

    Parker + Maryland + Free Comic Book Day = Good Times

    My East Coastin’ Dogs: I will be signing for Free Comic Book Day at SUPER VILLAINS INC. in Nottingham, Maryland. So if you’re in the Baltimore to D.C. area, bring it on over. The address is 4134 East Joppa Road, Nottingham, Md 21236. They’ll have plenty of my books and of course the Marvel Adventures [...]

    Join the Jeff Parker Nation.

    Thanks to Shannon Wheeler for this shot from the Comics Art Battle! Taken up there in the secret balcony. Also greyaenigma on flickr had this one (who are you, grey?) where Lieber was making the CBLDF challenge- or taunting the web crowd, I can’t remember. Gypsy Mustache Dude is over there at right and has [...]

    Stumptowned and Art Battled

    Spring finally remembered where Portland was this weekend, just in time for the Stumptown Comics Fest. That’s right, it wasn’t a CON, it was a FEST. And it was full of great work. What I liked best is that artists don’t try to mug you to look at their work like when you walk through [...]


    Hey people who can get to the Northwest, this weekend is the Stumptown Comics Fest! Tomorrow and Sunday at the Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel in Portland, Oregon from 10am to 6pm; $6 each day. I will be cruising the floor incognito. Spot and identify me and you’ll get a no-prize. I might sometimes sit for [...]

    Great Minds, Thinking Alike

    Recently Evan Shaner got carried across the mosh-pit of the internet for his cool Charles Schulz’ Watchmen piece, seen here. Which was particularly neat to me because I did a version of the gag when I was in college, goofing around at the Student Center with friends Micah Harris and Tom Gurganus. We assigned who [...]

    Tomorrow: Enter… THE CONTINUI-TEENS!

    This is what it has all been building to, friends. Marvel’s most sensational new team- discover their origin and how the Marvel Universe cannot do without them. In stores tomorrow. Oddly enough, WordPress tells me that this is none other than Post #666. It wasn’t planned that way- what could it mean? Maybe it just [...]

    X-Men First Class #11: The Only X-Book Out Now That Has…

    DOOP! You heard me. WordPress did not stutter.

    What X-Men First Class #11 Has That Other Comics Do Not…

    A 1975 AMC GREMLIN!!! I hear the re-orders rolling in already!

    What X-Men First Class #11 Has That Other Comics Will Not.


    Why Bully, The Little Stuffed Bull, Must Read X-Men First Class #11

    Because not only is Colleen Coover drawing two pages that feature the MAN-THING, but those pages are PART OF THE MAIN STORY. Oh yes they can, sir- and THEY DO!!! Also, Marvel Noise has another preview of the world-changing issue.

    Why Graeme McMillan Must Read X-Men First Class #11

    Because the artist he wanted on this book, NICK DRAGOTTA is BRINGING ON THE BAD GUYS. This is no less than a Perfect Storm of sensibilities aligning to create the Most Important X-Men Story Ever. More pages can be seen at the recent Comic Book Resources interview with me and Fred Van Lente. When you [...]

    NEXT WEEK: Why Chris Sims Must Read X-Men First Class #11

    Batroc Ze Leapair! And that’s just ONE of many reasons that will make XFC #11 the most important Marvel Comic you could possibly pick up next week. I’ll be giving you more every day until then.


    EISNER NOMINEE Best Graphic Album—Reprint Agents of Atlas Hardcover, by Jeff Parker, Leonard Kirk, and Kris Justice (Marvel)

    Mission Accomplished: Teeth Out

    Face: puffy. But I had kept my two wisdom teeth in way, way too long and they were working all kinds of mischief beneath my gumline. Just went in and had them out, took about an hour. Both were impacted, one just lay lazily on it’s side not even trying to function as a tooth. [...]

    Crappiest DVD extra ever?

    I don’t want to make this Complaining Week, but I just have to stand annoyed at the most horrible DVD extra I’ve ever encountered in my own collection. We watch the Disney classics at home a lot (I would even if I didn’t have kids) and it’s on the platinum edition of Cinderella. Which is [...]