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  • Archive for March, 2008

    Wieringo’s Last: Hero Initiative Benefit

    I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while- my final project with Mike Wieringo was a What If? story picking up from the classic Walt Simonson/Art Adams Fantastic Four storyline that created the alternate FF with Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Ghost Rider. Marvel has donated the work done to the Hero Initiative and we [...]

    XFC 10 in stores

    If you want to see some sweet Craig Rousseau art today, you might pick up X-Men First Class #10 (as well as the Perhapanauts Annual, of course). This is the Cyclops solo story, and I’m really happy with the way it all came together. Look for a P-nauts injoke early on…

    Next Week: Cyclops

    I’ve shot the morning running coaxial cable around my house, but Marvel Noise has mercifully thrown me a preview to share, of next week’s X-Men First Class. It’s the Cyclops solo story, drawn by special guest artist Craig Rousseau! Strangely enough, when the rest of the team jumps out of the action, things get all [...]

    Mould on Music

    While I’m still stalling on writing about Dave Stevens, here’s a good talk my pal Chuck Harrell at KTVU just did with one of my favorite musicians, Bob Mould. Mould always has interesting things to say about music and the industry, including the growing question of how bands are going to support themselves. And Chuck [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part eight

    *Nuts! I thought I had this set to post today, automagically. Anyway. The big showdown between the future Agents of Atlas and mysterious bad guys (and a mutated Cosmonaut dog) comes to a head in Washington, DC! Points to any old school Marvel readers who know where that biker gang is from. Going back over [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part seven

    We’re almost done- in this penultimate chapter Jimmy Woo’s team venture behind the Iron Curtain to get a peek at the Soviet space program. Space nerds will note the appearance of an historical figure; Marvel nerds will note an early appearance of the Red Ghost. (I, of course, am both kinds of nerd)- JP ——————————————————————————————————— [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part six

    “The Liar and the Truthteller” “Brain tissue?” asked Venus, clearly repulsed. “Yes- a brilliant if crude solution,” replied Marvel Boy as he looked at the machine that had been influencing their dreaming minds. “Earth simply doesn’t have very sophisticated means of computing yet. Your greatest computer is the size of a small house and can [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part five

    As you may have guessed, these posts were pre-set to go up while I’ve been out of town. I just got back and found out the sad news about Dave Stevens. I want to write about him, but I’m not up to it yet so I’m going to keep running the serial until it’s done [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part four

    Today’s has another appearance of a Golden Age Timely character, and a ghost pirate! Also a clue that you don’t need to solve. -JP ___________________________________________________________________________ The chalky hand holding the dagger pushed through the water towards Venus. She darted from her position to another section of the pilot house. More shapes arose from the black, [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part three

    The rebus image in today’s excerpt was part of a clue that led players to IGN.com for a clue. Golden Age Comics fans will also notice the appearance of a sea-faring Timely character. On to our story… ______________________________________________________________ Jimmy Woo’s arms and legs wouldn’t budge. He had never frozen in fear before, and he was [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part two

    Okay, I’m leaving out the Mr. Lao bits today- they come across as confusing out of context. Also, if you read the text pages of the Agents of Atlas miniseries, you’ll catch parts of this serial that were referred to. Back to our story!-JP ______________________________________________________________ “What’s shakin’ Bob. Are those slide-rule jockeys hep on how [...]

    MENACE FROM SPACE part one

    In 2006 The Agents of Atlas miniseries was approved and my editors and I immediately saw the uphill battle we would have in getting the book noticed. Not only was it full of characters who hadn’t seen the light of day in decades, but the Marvel Machine was gearing up completely to push the big [...]

    Comixology Podcast Monday

    Yep, way to start up that content, Parker! But it seemed right to just start the Agents of Atlas adventure on Monday. So I will. And when you’re done reading it, go to the podcast section of Comixology.com and you should be able to hear me, Ron Randall and Ron Chan all talking about our [...]

    Content Soon

    It occurs to me while I’m battling deadlines (I should just accept them, zen-like) that I could run the Agents of Atlas online adventure that I wrote and many people haven’t read. So I think tomorrow I’ll begin that. It’ll get you warmed up for a very neat appearance later this year, too. And you [...]