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  • Archive for February, 2008

    Duin on Schultz

    Durn, if it weren’t for The Comics Reporter, I would have missed one of my favorite columnists interviewing one of my favorite cartoonists. The Oregonian’s Steve Duin (who knows his comics) interviews Mark Schultz (who knows his dinosaurs and pulp). I cannot get enough of Mark’s art and stories. I also like how putting a [...]

    Tobin’s Heroes

    That was supposed to sound like “Hogan’s Heroes.” Anyway. Over at Newsarama, Paul Tobin is talking to Zack Smith about his work leading off the newest Adventures title, MARVEL ADVENTURES: SUPER HEROES. Let’s all line up in an orderly fashion and go listen. And then I’ll go back to working on my basement.

    Draw Like Marko

    The Newsarama Blog already linked this, but I want to too. Over at IGN artist Marko Djurdjevic walks everyone through a cover creation. I loved working with Marko on the first miniseries of X-Men First Class; I could give him the barest notion of what was to happen in an issue and he would come [...]

    Why Does Marvel Hate Colleen?

    Say! Another X-Men First Class is about to come out, with more Colleen Coover features in the back- and Marvel didn’t tell anyone in the solicitation!!! I’ve been meaning to address this issue, and then I noticed that Dave Carter mentioned it on his blog the other day, Yet Another Comics Blog (which is excellent, [...]

    It’s For Sale!

    That defining cover image to Marvel Adventures #9 by Cameron Stewart, remember that? The Avengers as Modoks (or Modocs, as we declared it in the kill-free Adventures world)? Well it’s up on the e-Bay right now. And I’m not trying to buy it, so don’t worry, you and I won’t get into a bidding war- [...]

    Too Short Life

    I can’t get a post in over at Newsarama, I assume their server is being slammed at the news of Steve Gerber’s death. I just wanted to say simply that he had an incredible mind and capacity to entertain, and I enjoyed the hell out of his work. At the same time I heard the [...]

    Parker Digital Comics

    It looks like I’m being spotlighted for the week at Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited. Which means if you’d like to read how I begin a scene for free and then get a pop up window inviting you to become a member, you’re in luck! There’s never been a better time to start reading Jeff Parker [...]


    Wishing all of you in states voting in primaries good luck getting to the polls today, and enjoy your power. We in Oregon don’t vote until freaking May, which is where I’d be if I still lived in NC as well. Now if I were still a resident of California, I’d be deciding some fate [...]