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  • Archive for January, 2008

    What If: SPIDERINE

    I forgot to mention that the WHAT IF: SPIDER-MAN VS. WOLVERINE is out today, written by me and Paul Tobin, and drawn by Clayton Henry. So, two crazy-talented guys, plus me. With an insanely misleading cover, because Spidey and Wolverine do not fight in the story, except to exchange witty barbs. But they do kill [...]

    That’s Going in my iPod.

    I don’t care if it does roast our book horribly, I have to give it to the Uncanny X-Cast for getting out their feelings on X-Men First Class in song. Standing O! It’s in the first fourth of the podcast. By the way guys, I know you’ve only read the miniseries, but please make sure [...]

    Coover Story

    The Oregonian’s best columnist Steve Duin has a nice profile of Colleen Coover and her work on his blog today. Read that.

    No News!

    Today was the day I was going to blog my request for what Apple should make instead of that sissy “Air” thing, but Roger Cruz decided to end his vacation early and now I need to finish a script for him. So no content until Monday. Hope everyone liked mine and Eric Nguyen’s issue of [...]

    Talk With Tim, Why Don’t You

    I knew Tim O’Shea was spinning off into his own site, but he neglected to tell me. Thanks Blog@Newsarama! Anyway, though we’ve lost some good comics blogs lately, or entertainment blogs that deal with comics rather, I feel we’re finally getting a notable new one in Talking With Tim. Let’s all go junk up his [...]


    This week the X-Men take a tour of possible futures thanks to that consummate guide, the Man-Thing. With mad art by guest artist Eric Nguyen. And hey, here’s a preview of it. Especially worthwhile is editor Nate Cosby’s recap page, “Don’t Be A Man-Thing!”

    Makes Happy.

    At The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon posed the question ‘what in comics makes you happy?’ for his Five for Friday question. Now I really feel part of a cult, because an overwhelming number of people cited early ’60′s Jimmy Olsen, Segar Popeye routines and others I almost mentioned like Wiseman Dennis the Menace and Bill [...]

    What I Yam

    Consarn it, I almost forgot to wish POPEYE a happy birthday. He first appeared in E.C. Segar’s Thimble Theatre in 1929 on this day. And every week without fail he beat the living s- out of someone, usually without spinach. He was my first favorite character, and somewhere I have a little sailor suit picture [...]

    Q & A!

    It’s like T & A, but not. Eric Newsom is graciously letting me post a couple of questions he had that I often get asked but never think to blog the answers. 1. When you’re drawing a story that you’ve also written, do you go through the whole scripting process? Do you sketch out the [...]


    My head just exploded, Chris Onstad just spoofed Chris Ware in Achewood! Pretty sweet.

    Gamekeeper Talk

    Over at Newsarama, Zack Smith and I are chewing the fat about Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper from Virgin Comics- which can be ordered now, by the way. We also talk about upcoming Marvel work and Alec Baldwin. You’re too sleepy still to work, might as well go read it.

    I Got Nothing

    So I’ll just put up this striking picture of The Explorer, the Antarctic cruise ship that sank last year. In happier, floatier times. I’m racing with deadlines, like some hapless freerunner with James Bond shooting at him. At least I got my more insane story for X-Men First Class done yesterday, today it’s Gamekeeper. Relevant [...]

    Gamekeeper Series 2

    There’s a new arc of Guy Ritchie’s GAMEKEEPER on the way in March, and I’ve tagged at ringside with Andy Diggle to go in and write this one. If you’re putting in those Previews orders now, give us a shot. On art we’ve got Team Ron, who are Rons Chan and Randle from Periscope Studio, [...]