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  • Archive for December, 2007

    Happy New Year

    I hope you didn’t have to go into work today, but if you did, don’t worry. There’s another interview with me that you can read and look like you’re busy. I recently talked to Park Cooper (not my crazy cousin, Coop Parker) and briefly Barb over at the Park and Barb Show at Silver Bullet [...]

    Hey, Is This Where the Sentinel Party is Happening?

    X-Men First Class # 7 is on stands now.

    Merry Christmas!

    From Marvel Girl, courtesy Colleen Coover and a snippet from a strip that won’t be out for months. But it felt perfect for wishing peace to everyone. Hope you’re all well.

    Cannon Brush Tips

    Checking in on the Big Time Attic blog, I fell out of my chair upon seeing the guys had updated it. And then I got back in the chair because cartoonist Zander Cannon posted some really good advice on using your sable brushes for inking. You artists out there should take a minute and read [...]

    Now In Order, X-Men First Class #6

    Thanks to Bill Beechler for letting me know that XFC 6 has returned to comics shops in the order we intended. If you got one of the insanely bound copies, go exchange it. Or if you were waiting, go today!

    Strangeways Preview

    Matt Maxwell is revving up the Strangeways machine and previewing his new book over at his blog. It’s turning out nice, so spread the word if you can. Just scroll down his page to see what he has up so far. That cover by Steve Lieber makes my wrist ache.

    More New Frontier!

    Just now checking the comics news late at night and saw that Darwyn Cooke is working on more New Frontier stories. Heaven help anyone who stands between me and that book the day it hits shops.

    Parker-Tobin Team Up!

    Over at Newsarama, Paul Tobin and I talk to Benjamin Ong Pang Kean about our upcoming WHAT IF that revisits the Jim Owsley Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine story. This turned out pretty sweet, especially thanks to Clayton Henry going off like a monster on the art. Watch the unlikely duo get all spy film. I meant [...]

    Chapel Hill Signing!

    I’ll be in North Carolina next week, and if you can make it to the Triangle, I’ll be signing at the famous Chapel Hill Comics on Franklin Street. Come on over and fill the house, make people think UNC has a home game happening or something!

    Madison My Ass…

    That’s Gene Simmons on that dollar coin! Who at the U.S. Treasury is a KISS fan?


    Hey, the part of Marvel Adventures at Newsarama-Week featuring ME is up now. Me!

    Demons Of Sherwood

    I guess now I’ll start checking out ComicMix because I want to read Demons of Sherwood by Robert Tinnell and Bo Hampton. It’s great to see Bo pulled back away from the world of advertising to paint comics, and this is the kind I love seeing him do. I also like the “free” part of [...]