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  • Marvel Adventures Week at Newsarama

    I was so preoccupied with how screwed up copies of XFC #6 are, I forgot to mention that this is Marvel Adventures Week at Newsarama. Today is an excellent interview with Fred Van Lente, who is also doing other cool stuff I can’t talk about, but it’s cool. Go back and read the pieces with the Marks, Paniccia and Sumerak from earlier in the week. And I hear tell that Paul Tobin will be talking in there as well.

    Remember: If you pick up X-Men First Class today and the first page is Hank waking up in bed, you got a messed up copy! It’s supposed to begin in outer space.

    UPDATE: Tobin’s article is up now too!


    Comment from jack marlowe
    Time: November 30, 2007, 2:04 am

    When you concede a interview in Newsarama? X-men First Class v2 in the future publish a hardcover or tpb?

    Comment from Parker
    Time: November 30, 2007, 9:48 am

    I think my interview is Monday. And I don’t know on the second question.

    Comment from Jeff Vice
    Time: December 17, 2007, 1:01 pm

    Any word on the corrected “First Class” reprints? I’m getting worried … :(

    Comment from Parker
    Time: December 17, 2007, 1:06 pm

    Last I heard they were going to make new ones, but I don’t know how long it takes. I’ll let you know as soon as I know!