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  • Archive for November, 2007


    You have finally made it across Snake River Canyon.

    Marvel Adventures Week at Newsarama

    I was so preoccupied with how screwed up copies of XFC #6 are, I forgot to mention that this is Marvel Adventures Week at Newsarama. Today is an excellent interview with Fred Van Lente, who is also doing other cool stuff I can’t talk about, but it’s cool. Go back and read the pieces with [...]

    First Class Misprints!

    I’m hearing tell of several early copies of X-Men First Class #6 that has pages seriously out of order. Like, the Colleen Coover cartoon falls in the middle of the book now, out of order. I assume Marvel will tell shops to hold on to these books while they make the printer fix things, but [...]

    Teensy Railways of the NorthWest

    As usual I forgot my camera, so this picture is borrowed from the Great Northern Railway Historical Society. Sunday my little destroyers and I met friends at the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club, where they open their doors for a few weekends to let the public see the big room filled with miniature Portland, Oregon [...]

    Giving Thanks for the Hero Initiative

    Boy, I just read this post by Jim McLaughlin on the Hero Initiative blog and it really got to me. And then so did Tom Beland’s story in the comments section. Good work, Hero.

    Please Order Now: Spider-Man Family #7

    This issue is a tribute to Mike Wieringo, done by those who worked with him most. Todd DeZago and Mark Waid co-wrote it, and Karl Kesel is handling the art, with the main characters of Marvel’s that Mike is known for. I think it’s great that Marvel is doing this, here’s the info. SPIDER-MAN FAMILY [...]

    The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Part 2 (the rest of my notes on Writing for Artists)

    We’re back, and picking back up at… SHOT CALLIN’ Do you really have to pick shots? Think hard on this one. Do you really have a good sense of what will make a good picture, or do you just feel like you’re supposed to do it because it’s your job? Because it’s not, necessarily. You [...]

    No Country For Old Men


    Writing for Artists

    Okay, ‘pologies to those of you who expected this earlier in the week. That Real World keeps interfering. But I also promised the SCAD students who heard the version of this lecture with all of the insightful “Um”s in it that I would put a more solid translation up by now. I still don’t have [...]

    No Wisdom For You!

    Today. I just found out that tomorrow morning the city leaf-sweepers will be coming around, so I used all my blogging time today to rake leaves into the street. So I’ll start cleaning up my writing notes from the SCAD talk and put them up tomorrow. As I watch hundreds of pounds of leaves whoosh [...]

    Gone South

    I’m back from Georgia and the Garden of Good and Evil. Once again it was a terrific visit, and if the Sequential Art program of the Savannah College of Art and Design ever asks you to come speak at their Artists’ Forum, the answer is Yes. It was more fried food than I’ve eaten in [...]

    Back to Savannah

    If you want to hear my thoughts on writing comics as it pertains to the artists drawing them, go back in time and enroll at the Savannah College of Art and Design so you can be at the Comics Arts Forum this weekend, where I’ll be giving a workshop. Or just wait patiently until next [...]

    I Now Have Robot Minions

    Min-ion, really. I got a Roomba for half price from Buy.com, and it’s really cool. It moves faster than I expected, and I like watching it race under a bed or couch to suck out the evil under there. So now I’m suddenly getting closer to my childhood perception of myself with robot helpers. Everything [...]

    Word Vs. Google

    I was going to write a nice fun post about something else, but now I’m preoccupied with the fact that I can’t send Word documents to anyone with a Gmail account. They get a “Noname” attachment they can do nothing with. The hell is the deal here? Is there some way I can make things [...]