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  • New Marvel Blog

    Yep, through that aforementioned maze of hard to find weblogs, a new one has launched at the Marvel site, written by one of my star editors, Nate Cosby. In his first post he brings the happy noise about some of my work, likely prompted by the guilt of always berating said work to me over the phone. Kidding, that’s technically an editors job. It’s all about getting the most mileage out of my scripts as possible, and keeping my massive ego from expanding to a size where it would interfere with the tide patterns of North America. Go read it, because it’s nice to see an editor so dang positive about comics.


    Comment from jackmarlowe
    Time: October 10, 2007, 1:05 pm

    You must be very proud of stay in the list and with the bigger writers in Marvel. I´m a bigger fan of you.
    The new X-men: first class when be recopiled in tpb?.

    I have a number of questions of you and if you have time,can you aswer this?.
    First aclaration: I live in the continent Europe and concretre in Spain. Sorry if the level on english is low. The nickname is for my admiration of Wildcats 3.0

    1 What is the form of buy The Interman? Every month in the Previews i search your company and don´t see. I dont´have other possibility to buy that why don´t have ebay of other form

    2 This month Panini Comics publish in the collection Virgin Comics Wake Up. The script is you?. If it is thus, this is the first work that publish in Spain.

    3 When I buy TPB AGENTS OF ATLAS i read, in my opinion, one of the best comics in years and is in the library of masterworks. Then i decide make a article, the first i do in my life, in the blog that collaborate vishanti.blogspot.com (elgranlibrodevishanti). Is divided in six parts and investigate your work and the interviews that you concede, it was a very hard work: two weeks. The title is Agents of Atlas: cuando tengas problemas, tus amigos vendrán a ayudarte (when you have problems, your friends come to help).

    4 The last question: Do you have intention travel to Spain for participate in a one of the conventions of the country: Barcelona, Gijón…

    Thanks for all and i sorry if i was heavy in the questions.

    Comment from Eric
    Time: October 10, 2007, 2:37 pm

    There’s international love for you. You’re a full-blown comic celebrity now!

    By the way, I too dislike most things to do with the X-Men and vowed many years ago, when I was still a teen-ager, that I would never buy a regular X-Book again. And I stuck with it until XFC. I think I might like Interman, then Agents of Atlas the best of your works. But one of the good things is that your quality is so consistent that it’s hard to pick a “best” book by you.

    Comment from Parker
    Time: October 13, 2007, 2:33 pm

    Hey Felipe, suggest to one of the shows to bring me out! Steve Lieber got to go to Gijon, it’s only fair that I go to Barcelona. Thank you for writing about the books, I appreciate it very much.

    Comment from jackmarlowe
    Time: October 16, 2007, 4:08 am

    Hi, Jeff: I don´t go to any convention or conference in my country because i live in a island (palma de mallorca) and its expensive to travel but i read the Dolmen, a comic magazine that is the reference (created in 1994 and the last number #141 have an article in Memorian to Wieringo) and reported this reunions.

    After two days of research, i write two example with information.

    1 El Saló de Barcelona (Barcelona Convention): They make in april.
    Is the big place of reunion of comics in Spain with a focus comercial: the editorials publish a lot of comics to this event, present editorial plans for the rest of the year. Also a comic shops sold old and new comics.

    The saló have a section of exposition with a proportion of 3-4 spanish artist and 1-2 foreign.

    The writers and artist (guests) come here for the initiative of the organizers of Saló and the editorials. The pay the journey and the hotel.

    The guests give a conference press to the media general and the comic, in the case that is make, and after a turn of questions.

    The editorials make coincide the visit of the guests wiht a publications of their comics and after are a sesion on they firm comics books, autographs or draw.

    I think that be a good oportunity that Panini ( the editorial that have the rights of publication Marvel Comics) publish any of your works and promocionate:

    Agents of Atlas was a good letter of presentation, for me is a masterwork.

    X-men First Class was a option viable because Panini now Publis The Avengers of Joe Casey and the public can be more receptible.

    The line of Marvel Adventures: was a good option because you wrote the beginning of all and are accesible for people that cannot read superheroes and the fans of all life.

    Spider-man and Fantastic Four: I prefer that option had been with Mike Wieringo alive but think if the salon make a exposition in memorian to Ringo was a good option.

    At last i like that a spanish editorial publish The Interman and call you to present in Barcelona in a Conference.

    2 Jornadas de Avilés (conference): They make in the second week of september.
    Is the reunion of the professional of the comics and the focus is 90% cultural.

    Is the gold reign for the authors. George Perez says: All comic author should come to Avilés once in their life for know jornadas.

    The organizers are the best professionals and they have the support of the town hall, the mayor and the Youth Counciller.

    The guests when arrive to Avilés assist a oficial reception in the town hall. The organizars pay the airline ticket and the hotel adn make lunch and dinner oficial with the authors.

    The conference make a serie of activities: film projections of superheroes movies and others relationated with the world of comics in all aspects. The expositions are of spanish and foreign artists, in the case that they are guests do a visit guide and explain their works. Other activities is the comics studio or worshop that give the professionals of the school and the guests for the public. Other is the traditional match of football (soccer) with organizers, fans and guests.

    Also writers and artists of USA, Europe and Spain go to Aviés for live the experience and make the conference more bigger and good.

    But the most important part is the conference press with the fans (that are the most respectuful) and the general and comics media. The translators are very good.

    Also are a round table for talk with the authors and they can tell the experiencies and projects and answer the questions. In the talk ara a projector that show the work of the guest. After are a session of signature of autographs and draw. Exist the possibility for the artist of sold originals of their work to fans. Also are a session of all artist drawn in a big papers for that the presents can see the process of work.

    In the conference the organizars publish a diary strip (fanzine) and contain interview with guests, curiositys and anecdotes. The covers are drawn for the artists guests and the poster of the next year is assignated to a artist: is a honor most solicitated.

    Also are the avilés nights where the guests can go to pubs, discos and talk with fans and the comics media. A bar change ilustration for drink.

    At the end of the conference organizers give a gift to the guests: a statue based in a comic character. For the fans are a gift of numerate plate drawn of the artists.

    And the end of all, the organizers with the votes of presents make a prize-giving. The name of prize are funny: Prize George Perez to artist nice, Prize Ron Garney to artist good-looking…

    The list of guests and non guest in the twelve editions are big: Perez, Buscema, Rude, Carey, Philips, Prado… and increase every year.

    In Spain are more but i choose the most representative. You should ask so about with the colleague of profession and they told you their experiences. I don´t like that you go to Spain and have a deception.

    If you have questions or doubts i put my email for talk:


    I like that you go in Spain and achieve talk with you and autograph in my tpb of Agents of Atlas.