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  • Archive for October, 2007

    It’s Halloween…

    And boy have I dropped the ball this year. I meant to do something special like write a short ghost story just for the site, and I’ve got nothing. I’ve barely finished a crappy looking light-up ghost on the porch and still have to carve a jack o’lantern face and buy candy for tonight. We [...]

    Halloween X

    Since Scans Daily has already put the short online, I might as well put up a nice crisp first-generation version of “The Talking Board,” the latest X-Men First Class two-pager by me and Colleen Coover. Because there need to be more Halloweencentric comics this week, and you need to see the colors as they really [...]

    Green Men and Talking Boards

    If you didn’t see it, there’s a preview of today’s X-Men First Class where the kids meet THE HULK. I’m getting a lot of compliments on the Recap Page that are undeserved, because I didn’t write this one! Assistant Editor Nate Cosby did, and he’s pretty much the king of recap pages at Marvel. He [...]

    First they trounce our Dollar, Now our stamps.

    Okay British friends, if you have something small to mail me, you can do so with those boss James Bond stamps Royal Mail has coming out. I’m so envious. Moreso, because what do we get? Freaking YODA.

    Marvel Blog- Get Commenty

    That new Marvel blog I mentioned before by editor Nate Cosby now has an interview up with me that turned out interesting. To me, anyway. Mainly because Nate already knows everything about my Marvel work, so he asked a bunch of different questions, and we talk about Disney animation and so on. If you have [...]

    Onion Head Monster at Bojangles

    This combines two things I love: cartoonist Paul Friedrich’s Onion Head Monster and Bojangle’s Chicken n’ Biscuits. Paul, with Bryan Pack will be blogging all day on the 16th from the Boj on Western Blvd. in Raleigh, at which I have enjoyed numerous meals. I think we’ll be able to follow it at Hellcar.com. What [...]

    13 Questions

    -And I totally shouted out Dave’s Longbox. Lee Atchison gave me the 13 soul-defining questions over at Sequential Tart, and I answered as truthfully as I could.

    New Marvel Blog

    Yep, through that aforementioned maze of hard to find weblogs, a new one has launched at the Marvel site, written by one of my star editors, Nate Cosby. In his first post he brings the happy noise about some of my work, likely prompted by the guilt of always berating said work to me over [...]


    While trying to make my basement a bright, cheerful place, I’ve been painting everything in sight and throwing away everything else. But one of the most satisfying tasks was making two boxes of cd’s turn into one thick binder. It was hard at first, throwing away those jewel boxes- years of trying to protect them [...]

    Saluting the Chief Designer

    I almost forgot to happy birthday Sputnik I, pinging away fifty years ago over our heads! And then the Russians proved they could euthanize a dog in the most lavish way possible by sending Laika up there. To which our space agency said “We’ll see your dog and raise you… a chimp.” And the space [...]

    Back among U.S. Americans

    Back from Calgary, thanks to show host Stephen Fuller for keeping us alive and constantly plying us with meat dishes such as they enjoy in Alberta. A few new people picked up Atlas and Interman, so the word is spreading on those fronts.. Matthew Clark was fully booked up with sketch requests, and of course [...]