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  • Calgary Sunday

    Don’t forget, Canadians, I’ll be at the Calgary Comics and Toy Expo at McMahon Stadum this Sunday. Matthew Clark will be there, I’m sure of it because he flew in with me. Also you can meet J. Torres, Pop Mhan, Marcus To, and Dario Carrasco. Once again I was detained in Immigration at Vancouver Airport, and now I know why. There’s another Jeff Parker (there’s that problem again) who happens to be some kind of felon, having particular problems with Canadian Customs, from what I could tell. Thanks to that we missed our connecting flight and had to take the next one. But I’m here now, with no criminal record, and will be in that skybox a-signin’ comics tomorrow. See you there.


    Comment from G. Gerald Garcia
    Time: September 29, 2007, 6:17 am

    Hey Jeff! We are happy to see you back in Calgary.You have done a TON of work since last we saw you. Lots to enjoy.Keep at it!


    Comment from David Oakes
    Time: September 29, 2007, 7:58 am

    Next time, just walk across the border. Everyone is doing it!