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  • The Steel Bridge

    Oh yeah, pulse-pounding, thrill-a-minute Bridge Week continues! Today’s is maybe my favorite, the Steel Bridge. Named for the obvious reasons, it’s like having a battleship permanently stationed in the river. Not only does the light rail run across it despite what I said the other day, the full-on heavy trains cross it too. It lets ships through by lifting up the middle section.

    What pedestrians and cyclists like about it most is that it has a nice big lower path close to the water that keeps one well away from car traffic. The other day I was riding along gawking at a train coming through, and the engineer actually tipped his hat at me. Maybe the bridge being built in 1912 preserves a brief anomaly of the time period when you’re on it.
    It’s easy to find the entry point on the west side because you just have to get on the esplanade along the river and head to the hard-to-miss erector set. But approaching from the east side is tricky because it’s hidden behind the convention center. It’s at the intersection of Oregon and Interstate Avenues, and you wind down a long ramp. When you exit there the bike path brings you to a bicycle-crossing light, the only one I’ve ever seen. You place your bike between two lines to activate the crossing signal instead of pushing a button, and little green picture of a bike comes on.
    From this odd view I just had to take a shot of this sad tribute- a gigantic jersey put up on the arena to make a big deal of super draft pick Greg Oden, for whom the Portland Trailblazers shelled out four million bucks. And then he immediately injured his knee and can’t play for the whole season. The town made such a big deal out of him with goofy events and billboards that you knew the whole team already hated him by the time he arrived, and then wham, he was out instantly. I feel kind of bad for him, but not too bad because he’s getting four million dollars to watch basketball.


    Comment from Ben Herman
    Time: September 17, 2007, 8:57 pm

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