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  • Archive for September, 2007

    Calgary Sunday

    Don’t forget, Canadians, I’ll be at the Calgary Comics and Toy Expo at McMahon Stadum this Sunday. Matthew Clark will be there, I’m sure of it because he flew in with me. Also you can meet J. Torres, Pop Mhan, Marcus To, and Dario Carrasco. Once again I was detained in Immigration at Vancouver Airport, [...]

    Podcastin’ Parker

    I just spoke to Steve, Jason and Drew at the Alter Ego Podcast about quantum physics and the possibility of dark matter- no wait, we talked about comic books now that I think about it. It’s a good show originating from Muncie, Indiana, where the Alter Ego comics shop is. As usual I sound like [...]

    Road Trip X

    There’s a preview of this week’s X-Men First Class up, with Bobby and Hank hitting the road to discover America via I-95. Our guest penciler is Julia Bax, who was actually a student of regular artist Roger Cruz. She’s also doing some stuff for Boom! comics, I think Cruz fans will enjoy her work as [...]

    The Hawthorne Bridge

    The People’s Bridge, the one that takes you to the main restaurant/shop/goofing around strip of South East Portland. I like the Hawthorne Bridge loads, but it’s an artery for cyclists, runners and walkers, and is always a bit busier than I like. I like to lollygag and look around when crossing the river, and this [...]

    Hawk, I

    Aw heck, my family took the digital camera on their trip (of course I couldn’t go, because who’s going to write all these comics) so I’m not able to wrap up Exciting Bridges of Portland Week today. I’ll borrow the one from the studio and finish it up this afternoon. Besides, it’s Wednesday, which means [...]

    The Steel Bridge

    Oh yeah, pulse-pounding, thrill-a-minute Bridge Week continues! Today’s is maybe my favorite, the Steel Bridge. Named for the obvious reasons, it’s like having a battleship permanently stationed in the river. Not only does the light rail run across it despite what I said the other day, the full-on heavy trains cross it too. It lets [...]


    On the way home yesterday while it was still nice and gloomy (director’s light!) I crossed the Burnside Bridge. There’s a wikipedia picture of it, since there’s no good angle to get of it while crossing. It’s potentially a nice looking bridge, what with the Italian Renaissance towers along the side, but it’s always under [...]

    Bridge Biking

    I’m so dang happy my bike is back from the shop, that’s what I’m talking about today. I have a Cannondale hybrid, but I put street tires on it long ago since I haven’t been on a dirt trail for mountain biking in Quite a While. I ride the bike to the studio downtown most [...]

    Across the Universe…

    Here’s what pops up on my screen when I walk away from my laptop for a minute- a graphic that tries to gives a snazzy visual for all the number-crunching and interpreting that’s going on. That’s right, I host the SETI at Home program, wherein massive data coming from space is shared amongst the personal [...]

    Old site sinking, New needs linking

    Hey, remember how the studio I’m part of added several new members and changed its name from Mercury Studio to PERISCOPE? Well, Steve Lieber decided it was time to make the studio blog reflect that as well, and hit the Blogspot button that allowed the move to a new name, Periscopestudio.blogspot.com. But like a rational [...]

    Aussie Bees

    Here’s an article talking about a lead that scientists have in the Case of the Disappearing Bees. Which appears to be a virus, that thankfully at least Australian Bees are immune to. I don’t know about you, but this whole bee problem has worried me for a while. Because without pollination, them crops ain’t worth [...]

    A Circuit Closed

    The new Dark Horse Presents on MySpace is up today, full of good stuff. But I’d like to particularly urge you to read “A Circuit Closed,” by Ezra Claytan Daniels.

    Hey US Airways, Try This

    “Please bring seatbacks and tray tables to their full upright position. And slaughter two clean goats to appease me.” Since US Airways merged with America West, they’ve become the worst airline in the country, leaving me and many of my friends in their hellish hubs of Las Vegas and Phoenix for days on end without [...]