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  • More Mike

    First, I want to remind readers heading to the comics shop today that Spider-Man Family #4 is out, featuring the webhead meeting The Agents of Atlas. Because Mike Wieringo was so prolific, I can plug that and still keep the focus on Mike- he did me this gorgeous sketch of Namora when I was talking with him about doing a miniseries focusing on her.


    I was trying to lure Mike with the prospect of drawing underwater backgrounds- ie, bubbles. But pretty soon Tom Brevoort cooked up the way for us to work together on the Spider-Man/Fantastic Four series. Thanks, Tom.

    I’ve got some more pictures thanks to Mike’s old friends. Chris Kemple sent me some from the old studio days, again with Mike striking an excellent pose…


    -because you can never have enough shots of guys in sportscoats holding guns. Chris also had a nice picture of Mike busy at the light table. I see a Rogue up there on the wall, so I’m guessing this around the time of that miniseries.


    Another longtime friend Joey Robinson found some good ones. This is from a Heroes show back in 1997 with us horsing around and Steve Lieber going insane. Really, only Chuck Wojtkiewicz bothered to look normal.


    And this is at one of those aforementioned parties of Chuck’s. Same folks minus Lieber, also featuring from left to right Chris Kemple, Joey himself, and Steve Reid.


    And I should have an old picture of Mike working with his good buddy Casey Jones somewhere, but thanks to Chris Ferguson here’s one of them from a recent Parts Unknown convention, doing what they do.


    Another one that would be really appropriate that I don’t have would be Mike hanging out and drawing with his pal Randy Green. If anyone has a shot of them to share I’d really appreciate it.


    Comment from David Oakes
    Time: August 15, 2007, 2:36 pm

    Hey, it’s Mike “Woo”-ringo!

    Damn, he should have been allowed (made!) to draw more fish. He is even better at water than Jimenez.

    Comment from Ethan
    Time: August 15, 2007, 10:49 pm

    Jeff, thanks for posting these photos and anecdotes. Obviously there is a huge body of work that we’ve all be exposed to, but only those who knew him can share what a nice person he was.