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  • Archive for August, 2007

    Hey Sluggo! Any New Content Today?

    Jeff Parker Book Signing in Portland

    Except… it’s not me! It’s emerging writer Jeff Parker who has already had acclaimed short stories and is reading from his debut novel Ovenman tonight at the Mississippi Pizza Pub on 3552 N. Mississippi Ave. It’s an appropriate reading place, as the central character in the book works at a pizzeria. I’ve read some of [...]

    This Shirt Makes America Look Fat / Tappy Feet

    Looking at the news this morning, it appears the U.S. is now trying to be a superpower on sheer poundage. As usual, I blame high fructose corn syrup (knock off the soft drinks kids, you’re drinking bottled fat!), but this doesn’t bother me as much as what I keep noticing lately: fat folk smoking. It [...]

    XFC on MySpace

    As you may know, I don’t have a MySpace page because damn, but now X-Men First Class DOES. So if you have pages, go over there and Friend the heck out of it. Also the host is inviting folks to contribute fan art and such. I heartily endorse this good or service.

    Stumptown Comics Festering

    And that bubbling growth is going to pop at the end of September! Oh, sorry for the gross metaphor, but I wanted people to notice since I’ve been remiss in promoting Portland’s emerging jewel of comics shows. Here’s the general rundown, cribbed from Steve Lieber… Portland’s fourth annual STUMPTOWN COMICS FEST is coming September 29th-30th, [...]

    Matt’s Eulogy

    Todd DeZago has put up the entirety of that excellent eulogy Matt Wieringo delivered for his brother last Friday. It’s simply an impressive farewell that shows how talented his brother is, and it gives you a strong sense of who Mike was. Thanks for sharing that, Todd and Matt.

    Island X

    I was so focused on letting people know there was a Colleen Coover Cartoon in today’s X-Men First Class #3, I forgot to mention there was also a preview of the main story, Island X. This preview also includes a recap page written by Assistant Editor Nate Cosby that I really like, declaring the Rules [...]

    Scarlet Witch/Marvel Girl Team Up!

    There’s more Colleen Coover goodness in X-Men First Class #3 tomorrow. First the “Island X” story wraps up in a big way, and then Coover and I bring the coolest mutant girls together. I hope this goes over well, because I think the two should have lots of adventures. It’s a very Scarlet Witch week [...]

    Mystic Arcana

    I don’t know that there is a good way to transition out of important talk into my usual BS, but here goes. I see at the Make Mine Marvel site, Uatu has a preview of Mystic Arcana #3 where Juan Santacruz and I took on the young Scarlet Witch story. This is coming out next [...]

    The Memorial

    I went to Mike Wieringo’s funeral service yesterday- the most emotional one I’ve ever been to. I guess I’m used to going to services for relatives in the later years of their lives and I’ve never been to one of a still young friend or peer. Still, it became overwhelmingly apparent that Mike touched a [...]

    The Pictures Keep Coming…

    Another former Artamusian, Craig Gilmore, has put up some excellent pictures of Mike with his thoughts over at his blog. Craig was even Mike’s roommate at two apartments in the 90′s. Hey Craig, remember all those trashbags you kept leaving at the backdoor storage instead of walking them to the dumpster? I do! Mike having [...]

    More Mike

    First, I want to remind readers heading to the comics shop today that Spider-Man Family #4 is out, featuring the webhead meeting The Agents of Atlas. Because Mike Wieringo was so prolific, I can plug that and still keep the focus on Mike- he did me this gorgeous sketch of Namora when I was talking [...]

    Remembering Mike

    I thought I could dive into some work to keep my mind busy, but it’s just not happening. I’ve spent much of the day looking around on line for tributes to Mike Wieringo and grabbing every picture I see. To hold up my end on that, I’ve dug out some old photos. I know I [...]


    If you’ve been by Newsarama, you’ve already found the horrible news that Mike Wieringo has died. I’m not ready to say anything about it actually, I just wanted to kick down my last stupid post. I don’t know what to say except that I’m going to miss him terribly. I had just gotten a new [...]


    My lunch yesterday looked so good I had to take a picture of it. And flaunt it before my studiomates, whose lunches did not look as good. This was the cashew-mango rice dish with chicken from the Veli Thai cart across the street. Visitors to Periscope often make a face when we suggest going to [...]