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  • Archive for July, 2007

    What’s Done is Done.

    Comicon is gone. It will not come again for another cycle. You will not have to press through walls of unseemly flesh until then. Whew. My big change was to not set up at a table, and just do my meetings and signings as a free-wheeling, happy-go-lucky loose cannon. But now every day is Saturday [...]

    Oh the Humanity…

    The crushing mass of humanity that is Comicon International, that is. The temptation to run out to the harbor in back and commandeer one of the sailboats and head off to a bright new horizon- is strong. There is a lot of neat stuff to see here, but the walls of flesh block my view [...]

    Spot Me at Comicon!

    I’m not going to make it easy. I’m kind of tall so that might help, but there’ll be giant Naruto characters who are bigger, plus the collective stank of thousands. If you really want to get me for signing or some such, you could check by Steve Lieber’s table in Artist Alley if you’re on [...]

    Jeff Parker in San Diego

    Here’s my Comicon International appearance schedule in case you want to try and find me. Get ready… SUNDAY 11:00-12:00 MARVEL BOOTH Whew. That’s it. Yes, I’m going to be there more- Friday and Saturday too, but I’m mostly doing meetings and suchlike. I was supposed to be at the Mondo Marvel panel, but I’m not [...]

    Deathly Hallows Action

    I’ll probably be picking up the final Harry Potter book this weekend, but I’m a little jealous of all the people who went to the midnight releases at bookstores. Mainly because seeing that big a deal made over the release of a book feels like a glimpse into an alternate universe where everything went right. [...]

    Giant-Size It

    It’s a good day for a Wednesday comics shop raid. First, the Agents of Atlas are back in GIANT SIZE MARVEL ADVENTURES AVENGERS. And if I can step outside and evaluate my own performance for a change, I think it’s the best Adventures story I’ve ever done. It’s just one of those stories where everything [...]

    Nary a Sasquatch…This Time.

    I’m back from a weekend hiking the Dickey Creek Trail in the Bull of the Woods Wilderness east of town. And while I didn’t get to see giant talking animals like Mark Trail does daily, I saw some beautiful areas. Unfortunately, it is way, way too hard a hike up lots of elevation for someone [...]

    Spider Atlas Family

    Just saw that Leonard Kirk has posted a sneak preview of his art from Spider-Man Family #4 featuring the Agents of Atlas. I say “sneak” because I know he never checks to see if it’s okay to put art up. Make sure to pre-order this if you want to build support for another mini-series. Or [...]

    Man, Ain’t No One Funnier…

    Than Fred Armisen.

    Rockin’ the Utili-Kilt

    I forgot to link to this preview for X-Men First Class #2. Of course Hank thinks kilts will be the next thing. And Jean and Scott get completely absorbed in games of Battleship. That’s our book in a nutshell.

    Greatest Achewood EVER

    This one speaks for us all.

    ATLAS Bystanders. Revengers.

    From Michael Hoskin I learn that Agents of Atlas Jimmy Woo and Gorilla Man are in the WizKids HeroClix set. They’re “Bystanders” which I guess means they only get played by accident or something, because I don’t know diddly about how HeroClix works. Still, it looks pretty cool. Some of you are pretty proactive about [...]

    Happy Independence Day

    Thanks Great Britain for not sending all of your forces over to deal with us! Happy 4th everyone.

    Not Postin’

    It’s not that I don’t have many brilliant insights this week, it’s just that I have many deadlines. I look forward to a productive, low-phonecall day tomorrow as everyone takes off for the Fourth, but then I might lose sleep time later when every yahoo fires off round after round of fireworks all over the [...]