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  • I’m In Charlotte

    After a fairly sleepless night on US Airways, where the jet was packed. What are so many people doing flying from Oregon to North Carolina in the middle of the night? Ugh. Still, it beats driving cross country, which I’ve done so many times that I can always remind myself of it and feel instantly more comfortable.

    Things improved substantially upon reaching the Westin Hotel. Nice quick cab ride because traffic hadn’t started yet. Then I asked the concierge if I could check in early so I could rest. They said yes, though they had to upgrade me to a Deluxe Suite- aw! Then I ordered breakfast that came with these really tasty green onion biscuits and deliciously sweet bacon.

    I hope everyone has fun at the show today, but if you think I’m leaving this hotel room, you are SADLY MISTAKEN.

    **In other news, the press release has finally gone out that Mercury Studio is now bigger and called PERISCOPE. Click that link under my banner and you can see the whole roster of people who now fight over the hot water pitcher for tea each day.


    Comment from Zack Skrull
    Time: June 15, 2007, 7:04 am


    That’s a cyber-hug. My girlfriend gives me these all the time.

    I was going to drive up this morning, but a combination of lack of sleep and a rowdy barbecue last night left me sick as a dog! Feeling better now, so I think I’ll hit the road…see you Saturday!

    Comment from tomg
    Time: June 15, 2007, 6:45 pm

    OH to be in Charlotte this weekend.
    Not going to happen. Too much going on here. And Kira’s in Kentucky. She’d kill if I went without her.
    Have fun.
    I really like the studio site. Good job.