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  • Friday Down, Two To Go

    I wanted to walk around the convention floor and see who all is at the Heroes Show, but I did the natural thing of finding my table first to leave the suitcase full of books I brought. The UK’s Most Mysterious Inker Kris Justice was signing books at the table next to mine and revealed my identity to the people in front of him. From that point, I never got a chance to explore as readers kept bringing books to sign. My worries about taking the heavy suitcase back to Oregon vanished, as I only have a handful of books left. Sorry to those of you expecting me to have the Agents of Atlas hardcover along; unless I can find a retailer with some copies tomorrow, they are Gone Daddy Gone.

    Note for tomorrow: Must tell Kris that he’s selling Agents pages way too cheap. After I buy some off him, of course. Patrick Sun bought the “Happy Place” page where all the agents are put in their fantasies by Venus, and I was immediately envious. Patrick coats the black spots thoroughly with Rotring ink and as a result they’re a deep dark black like you don’t often see on pages anymore because of how thin Higgins Black Magic is.

    Ate dinner with old pals Richard Case, the Kemples, and Sandy Jarrell at this terrific place with catfish and cornbread. We went back and worked on commission drawings for a while. Now I’m watching that guy on the Discovery Channel who you drop into jungles and watch him survive. He just killed a turtle in the Everglades and cooked it. I’m tired because I’m still behind on sleep and wasn’t expecting that much human interaction on a Friday here. More tomorrow, maybe.


    Comment from Patman
    Time: June 22, 2007, 6:45 am

    $205 for my share of the hotel room
    $70 for a page of Agents of Atlas original art
    $25 for an Agents of Atlas Hardcover
    Making Jeff Parker envious….Priceless!