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  • Archive for June, 2007

    Things To See

    Here are a couple of links that have kept me busy today. First, cartoonist Sandy Jarrell has put up the whole Part 2 of his excellent online book, WHAM. It’s not colored yet, but Sandy’s art works so well in black and white I’d say don’t even, except I like his colors. Great stuff. And [...]

    Whose House? JARVIS’ House.

    Hold on, The Jarvis will take care of this. From today’s Marvel Adventures Avengers. Speaking of, there’s a preview of next month’s Giant Size issue, featuring The Agents of Atlas, if you didn’t see it yet. Those pages aren’t in order. Something else of mine came out today, now what was it…


    I wasn’t sure what to think of the return of Valiant to comics, but halfway down this article at Newsarama, I see my old pal Chip Carter is working with them. So that’s encouraging. From what I can tell it’s all new people owning the properties. Good luck!

    The 100 Acre Citadel

    Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #3 came out last week, and the only reference I’ve seen to our in-joke during the Beast Men of Wundagore seen comes from the observant Sean Kleefeld. I’d even like to point out that on the previous page, the Tiger Knight says something very Tigger-like. Love seeing Mike draw animal people. And we’re [...]

    Sonic Booms

    I neglected to note when the Shuttle Atlantis landed safely at Edwards Air Force Base the other day- congratulations crew! That was a fairly harrowing mission and I’m sure as the landing kept being pushed back, Astronaut Sunita Williams was thinking she’d be the first woman astronaut to stay in space permanently. But they’re all [...]

    Heroes Finally Over: The Pat Galleries

    WHY do I have a picture of me with my glowing thumb like I gots the Power Cosmic? Because Pat Sun has put up his photo gallery of the show! And no one documents the living s- out of a comics show quite like Patrick. I suggest you go check it out. Hey, he got [...]

    The Question

    The word ‘question’ really gets weird and loses all familiarity when you look at it for a bit. Here’s the sketch I did for our own Eric N., where I predict Vic will have to tear the note loose to read it since I jammed the knife into the stone Excalibur-style. Eric wrote a thorough [...]

    Meet The Agents

    Man, I’ve got to post another convention sketch before I’m tempted to make the Red Skull portrait a permanent fixture. I just never get tired of imagining dialogue for him. So here’s the piece I did for Chris Ferguson, which again ended up being an odd posing- it feels like the Agents of Atlas cut [...]

    Red Skull

    “Who, ME… kill Captain America?” John Popa was good enough to send me this digital camera shot of the Red Skull I did in his sketchbook at Heroes Con. He comes across as your creepy old uncle here, as if he posed for a photographer. Thanks John!

    Yay Done: Sunday and Beyond

    Sunday was a pretty chilled day for the convention, but it was far from dead, like back in the dark times. There were still plenty of people making the rounds, and since I was done with my commissions I could wander the room to see other folks and dig through longboxes. I found some old [...]

    Saturday Down

    Oof. That was a big day. I have nothing resembling a book left, but I should be able to grab what Agents of Atlas hardcovers that the Heroes store has so people can pick some up at my table tomorrow. I signed and signed and signed until my li’l fingers were sore. And then at [...]

    Friday Down, Two To Go

    I wanted to walk around the convention floor and see who all is at the Heroes Show, but I did the natural thing of finding my table first to leave the suitcase full of books I brought. The UK’s Most Mysterious Inker Kris Justice was signing books at the table next to mine and revealed [...]

    I’m In Charlotte

    After a fairly sleepless night on US Airways, where the jet was packed. What are so many people doing flying from Oregon to North Carolina in the middle of the night? Ugh. Still, it beats driving cross country, which I’ve done so many times that I can always remind myself of it and feel instantly [...]

    My NASA Suggestion

    Very simple- for stuff to keep on the International Space Station, SPARE PARTS FOR EVERYTHING ON THE SPACE SHUTTLE. Because this lack of computers and the fact that the astronauts have to go work on the shuttle with a medical stapler have me worried about their return to Earth. In fact, you know what would [...]

    I say…

    …bring on the Skrulls, that’s what I say. Pro-SKRULL. That is all.